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navalny_en's Journal

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The blog of Navalny in English
4 June
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  • navalny_en@livejournal.com
The journal you're reading now is the official version of navalny's journal(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexey_Navalny) translated to English for those who are willing to track political situation in Russia, but cannot do it due to the language barrier.

The posts in this journal are placed with the date of TRANSLATION of the corresponding post of navalny. Translations will be done according to our possibilities. If somebody wants to help us, please send us your versions of translations using private messaging. Your name, contacts and link to your page/journal will be placed according to your desire.

The comments marked with double brackets ((comments)) are usually inserted by us to clarify something which we suppose is not clear for some target readers.

Above this, sometimes we will make posts explaining this or that point regarding political situation in Russia or situation about navalny himself, which are not clear from official media, to make Alexey’s posts as much clear as possible.

The replies posted by this user navalny_en reflect the position of interpreter(s), but not the position of navalny himself, as we believe he can do it without our help:) Also, we believe that our position will be extremely close to the position of navalny himself for most of issues.

Our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/navalny.en
Our Twitter account: @Navalny_En
city building chronicles, land surveying, moscow, political debates

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