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Identified Property $eized

Excellently superimposed over the news on the sanctity of Yakunin's fur coat storage.

[Court seizes Navalny's property]

What assets they seized, I do not know. I was in court where this issue was not offered a resolution; it is a cosy campaign there, where an examining magistrate from the investigatory committee and a Basmanny court judge take care of everything.

Whether we receive a judgement, we shall see.

The list of my assets could be seen by all in the recent pre-election declaration.

Better still, comments on this matter seen on twitter.

[@Kozlihe: @navalny It was decided that Navalny's assets be transferred to Serdyukov and Vasileva]

Update: It appears that Basmanny court got in a muddle and this is about the other Navalny, my brother Oleg who, as we know, is involved with the criminal group I established.

A wonderful comment from twitter already on 'getting in a muddle':

[@ivan_f_davydov: It's not the court that imposed the arrest, but the tsar who gave the gift of fur from his shoulders, not to Navalny but to Yakunin]

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Translated by Mike Downey
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The Fur Coat Storage Facility Isn’t Getting Any Smaller

Well, well, well…
What this means is that the old man Yakunin is not only quietly putting away millions from Russian Railways, depositing them into his family’s offshore companies, he’s also an open legal nihilist who’s thrown a cynical challenge to the government organs of the Russian Federation.

[CAPTION: Just a teeny-weenie trillion. Its not like you can’t spare it, right?]

As you may recall, the Foundation for Fighting Corruption determined that the insatiable railwayman seized a healthy chunk of land that wasn’t his for his estate with a fur coat storage facility.
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So there you have it.
It means that we catch and fine people who don’t buy tickets, who cheat Russian Railways out of 100 rubles, but we ourselves illegally carved up land worth several million dollars and, having climbed our way up onto the highest locomotive, spit from above upon the judgements of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.
And the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography is subordinate to Medvedev.
And Medvedev is subordinate to Putin.
You could say that we’re spitting at Putin in the form of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.

That’s okay.
The Foundation will initiate a few more judicial actions against our avaricious railway friend.

And in addition, we apparently need to get together a bulldozer collective to compliment the aviation brigade. And that’s how we’ll go and visit him the next time – to take a look at the famous fur coat storage facility.

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It Was an Interesting Day

This afternoon, at the Moscow City Duma [City Hall], representatives of the United Russia party explained that everything’s okay with the public utility rates; all of the information is published and Muscovites can easily get information on the monopolists' "investment programs".

And also, there was no way that our initiative group could be registered, as that would contravene federal law (SURPRISE SURPRISE).

There’ll be a formal vote tomorrow, and I'll write about it in greater detail. In the meantime, you can read this article, "Yet another PR Move ", by the head of the Moscow City Duma’s United Russia faction, Vladimir Platonov.

Well, and in the evening, it was already the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation explaining to me just what happens to those who engage in all sorts of things they shouldn’t be engaging in, and stir up the masses.

[A screen shot of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation’s Website]
“Alexey and Oleg Navalny charged with fraud and money laundering
The Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has brought final charges against Alexey Navalny and his brother Oleg Navalny in stealing by deceit over 26 million rubles from OOO Yves Rocher East (LLC) and over 4 million rubles from OOO Diversified Processing Company (LLC) (part 4 of article 159 of the RF Penal Code) and in the laundering of over 21 million rubles (paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 174.1).
In the nearest time the Russia’s Investigative Committee is planning to finish the investigation and give the files to the victims, accused and their defense attorneys for study.”

Such are the news items of the day.
In a sense, it's really good news: we’re doing the right thing and they’re spooked.

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How To Rob 25 Million People, And Will They Resent That?

If you are a working citizen of below 46, you are likely to be robbed for a few tens of thousands rubles next year.

It’s not Vanga fortunetelling or one of those statements about “Russia having this terrible corruption, so we are being robbed all the time”.

It’s the Russian government decision and when it’s accepted by the Duma, 25 million citizens will lose their money.

Not some abstract shares of the recourse rent or taxes, but the money earned and owned by the citizens - their pension savings.

Newspapers are taking about that, but unfortunately very few people can sort it out and because of that we do not see a large public response on this issue.

Let’s try to explain this very simply.

1. If you work legally your salary is charged insurance contributions, which pay current retirees their pensions, and will pay your pension, when you become retired.
2. If you were born after 1967, you get included into the program of “accumulative pension”, that is (according to the government) the amount of your pension depends on you. Your salary is charged special “accumulative contributions”. The bigger your salary is – the bigger the contributions are – the bigger your pension will be.
3. You can make a decision about sending your “pension savings” to a Non-Governmental Pension Fund or make no decision, then you will be called “silent”, and your savings will be managed by the governmental bank “Vnesheconombank (VEB)”.
4. Some time ago the government decided that “silent” citizens will make no contributions to the “accumulative pension”, while those who use Non-Governmental Pension Funds will send 6% of their salaries as “accumulative contributions”.
5. And now the government says that the State Pension Fund (ALL OF A SUDDEN) has very little money, so in 2014 they will confiscate this 6% from those people who use Non-Governmental Pension Funds.

Still not clear?
Then look over here:
25 million is the amount of the working age citizens born after 1967, who have savings in the Non-Governmental Pension Funds and send 6% of their salaries over there for that.

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Translated by O. Well
Navalny in English

The October 27th Protest March

[For the liberation of the May 6th prisoners!
For the liberation of all political prisoners!
The October 27th Marc

Sunday, October 27th. A procession along the boulevards from Pushkin Square to Turgenev Square.
The gathering together of participants will begin on Strastnoy Blvd. at 2 pm.

12 people were brought before trial in the "Bolotnaya Square case" , and an additional 15 are under investigation. The "Bolotnaya Square prisoners" are being accused of the following, serious offences under the Criminal Code: "organisation and participation in mass disorders"; and "acts of force against representatives of state authority". They are under threat of long terms of imprisonment.

These people are hostages. The investigation and trial have been going on for nearly one and a half years, and the majority of people involved in this affair are being held under surveillance without cause. They are forced to experience the most significant events of their lives in detention: their own marriages, and the funerals of their family members. Their health deteriorates because the conditions of their confinement are a far cry from those in a resort.

On October 8th, one of the "Bolotnaya Square prisoners", Mikhail Kosenko,  was sent for mandatory psychiatric treatment. The sentence was imposed even though throughout the course of the trial, not one witness confirmed his identity.

It's obvious that the "Bolotnaya Square case" is being used as an instrument of political reprisal and as a means for intimidating everyone else.
Come to the March!

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Golden Guns

You shouldn’t laugh at the famous photo of Ramzan Kadirov with a golden handgun.

The Special Forces troops of the Russian Federation are armed with the same sort of thing.
Its just, so that the brilliance of gold weapons doesn’t blow the brave Special Forces troops’ cover, they’re bought regular guns at the price of gold ones.
Read this blog post by one of our “Rospil” collaborators, Andrey, about the affair he’s leading:¬ificationId=7226765¬ificationId=7226753

We’re purchasing Glock pistols. It’s a good weapon.

But “RosPil”’s attention was caught by the price.
Russian Ministry of Defence Procurement wants to buy each Glock 17 pistol for 210 thousand rubles [$6500]
And each Glock 26 – for 191 thousand rubles [$6000].

Ehhhhhh….. dear Russian Ministry of Defence Procurement, you know, these are guns, not submarines. Any of us can check, in ten seconds, how much Glock pistols cost in any combination set. They’re really popular weapons.
The manufacturer’s recommended price is $599.

In Moscow, taking into account the insane Moscow markups, at retail too, you can buy the set at a shooting club for 65 thousand rubles including the cost of having it stored at the club itself.

And on the whole, as was correctly calculated by ipasserby, the cost of the set can’t be more than 51 thousand rubles [$1600]

That is, the cost has been inflated four-fold.
Or you could formulate it this way: three times the cost of each pistol purchased will be stolen.

Can you imagine how much these people steal on the purchase of tanks, submarines and combat kamikaze-dolphins if they pilfer so much from the sale of pistols, the price of which can be verified by anyone?
My dear Dmitry Rogozin [Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in charge of defense industry] and Sergey Shoigu [Minister of Defence],

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5 Years Suspended Sentence

Do not change place of residence, report to the police twice per month.

All statements and petitions were denied, everything having been struck down in a quick two hours.

Calling this a ‘victory’ is strange.

We have simply already become accustomed to so much injustice, that when an innocent person is thrown into prison it grieves us.
And when the authorities fearfully give someone innocent 5 years suspended, we are overjoyed and congratulate one another.

But I shall not lie, the prospect of finishing this post and going to dine using a fork and not aluminium ware is far more pleasing than the prospect of finding myself in the iron tomb of a paddy wagon and then ‘at assembly’ again to give out sweets and teabags, later planning a war on mosquitoes in a cell.

So I want to say thank you again. Of course, this is your achievement and not mine. You shooed away the Toad_on_the_Pipe [Putin], poking a sharp stick at it on Manezhnaya Square and then at the mayoral elections.

Now the most important thing is to remember that we should do a great deal in order for the ‘Bolotnaya prisoners’ and other political prisoners to have the opportunity to gain freedom and return to their families.
If this was successful in my case, it will be for them.
We are the majority and that means that everything depends on our efforts alone.

The key goal put forward by the Kremlin goons in engineering these criminal cases was stopping me from participating in elections and technically they have achieved this.
I cannot run.

Though participating in elections does not only encompass ‘being a candidate’.
And I, as well as those around me,will engage in politics in order to make life better. For the good of our future and that of our children.

Thus, we will find the right forms of work.
If anyone thinks that I will now shy away from every meeting and any action in fear of committing an administrative offence which makes the suspended sentence a real one, then this would be in vain.

I did what I deemed necessary and will do what I consider to be necessary and right.

Thank you all for your support
In Moscow, Kirov and all other cities.

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Translated by Mike Downey
Navalny in English

What Happened in Biryulyovo

Originally posted by navalny on October 14th, 13:32

Translated by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick
Published by The Interpreter on October 15, 2013

If you yourself don’t live in Biryulyovo, then it is much easier for your to understand the reasons for the events on 13 October if you go here.

This is Wikimapia, a site where users can comment on various geographical features.

So here is the commentary [for the Biryulyovo vegetable warehouse]:

2 years ago:
On the whole, this facility has become a giant problem – the warehouse is teeming with illegals, many live in the district, and make their living at night by robberies. Such facilities should be watched more carefully and placed outside of Moscow!

2 years ago:

Yes, in fact, I also remember lessons in Basic Life Safety on ammonia at the vegetable warehouse (I also studied at no. 1242)…Really, there are plenty of illegals, but it seems to me that if this warehouse were to disappear suddenly, the illegals would hardly noticeably be reduced since they work in many areas of small business in Biryulyovo, which is very stupid from a sanitary and hygienic perspective. Although, of course, the most uncivilized of them (those who are camping out in the area of the vacant lot 600 meters to the east) will leave or spend the night in another district where there is something like Cherkizon [a large marketplace—Ed].

2 years ago:
Well, besides oversight of the warehouse, the authorities should look after the housing stock—WHO really lives in the homes in Biryulyovo, and how many are living in one apartment, only no one needs this as it is a source of income for officials.

5 months ago:
Well, that’s it, the end of the district. Until ‘42 a bunch of snakes, the hope is only for a radical change of government, but in Russia this is entirely expected

5 months ago:

A rare hotbed. Source of unsanitary and illegal migrants. Dealers come for goods here even from neighboring regions. It has reached the point that Vietnamese citizens buy as many vegetables as they can fit on a few handcarts, and then go around with them on the commuter trains to Kursk packed to the gills (the Red Construction platform is nearby) and try to sell their wares.

To me, as a resident of Maryino, I’m sorry, it’s extremely clear what’s going on there. I also have a “Garden Market” close by, where a large part of the Cherkizona Market was moved, a strange territory not under the authorities’ control which is expressed in everything – from the eternal traffic jam to the illegally parked cars to, naturally, the horde of legal and illegal migrants who live in nightmarish conditions there as well.

Those who can’t find a spot at the market rent apartments in the nearby buildings where they live in groups of up to 20 people.

From there, they commit raids on the nearby districts; they aren’t going to die of starvation if they don’t find work. One can grab a purse in the metro, one can take somebody’s money away in the elevator with a knife.

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The Old Chap Yakunin Gets A 20,000 Rubles Fine And Is Ordered To Cut Down The ...

The Old Chap Yakunin Gets A 20,000 Rubles Fine And Is Ordered To Cut Down The Size Of His Fur Coat Storage Facility

You may recall that we organised a punitive expedition to the dacha of Yakunin [the head of Russian Railways head] in order to document that this modest patriot had illegally seized a vast territory around his fur coat storage facility.

At the time we documented (with the help of GPS routers) that all those impressive fences equipped with video cameras were illegally erected, and that the guards armed with Schmeisser machine guns and the German shepherds accompanying them were safeguarding fences put up illegally.
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The main building (housing a sauna, a swimming-pool and the legendary fur coat storage room) is to the left, a guest home is at the top, a home for servants, to the right.

The long building to the right probably holds garages and household outbuildings. Tthere is may also be a courtyard where Yakunin flogs housemaids convicted of a lack of patriotism and in making a poor summary of his book "Trap. The New Technologies in the Fight Against Russian Statehood"

We failed to identify the tallest building (left). Perhaps, it's a kennel where the housemaids feed their master’s greyhound puppies. Or perhaps It is a serf theatre. Or a museum dedicated to Saltychikha. Or some other standard building that is compulsory for the head of a major state-run company.

I remind you, just in case:

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Mikhail Kosenko

I was at Mikhail Kosenko's sentencing today; his case was singled out from the "Bolotnaya Square case" because the prosecutor’s office required that Mikhail be sent for mandatory psychiatric treatment (he suffered a brain injury while serving in the army and then some subsequent complications).

Kosenko is, of course, totally sane. To be convinced of this, its enough just to read his last words during the trial.

But there was no doubt amongst anyone as to the final verdict - Judge Moskalenko is that very judge that people wrote of on posters as far back as December 2011 [after the mass protests against the rigged parliamentary elections]: "Judge Moskalenko serves Satan". She's a special-purpose judge.
A person that a judge's robe was fastened onto because she’s ready to rubberstamp any old verdict.

She determined that Mikhail Kosenko was guilty of participation in mass disturbances, then discharged him of any criminal liability and sent him for mandatory psychiatric treatment.
Here and especially here you can read a professional evaluation of the "psychiatric examination" conducted by the Serbsky Psychiatric Center.

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