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Your Song Is Sung

We did well in the last music video challenge against the Crooks and Thieves. Will we do even better for the president elections on March 4-18?
The cause and reasons remain the same: the crooks nominated their candidate for president of Russia - Vladimir Putin.

As you know, Vladimir Putin is most afraid of two things: 1) having to live on only one source of revenue; his salary, and 2) our online mockery.*

Moreover, these things are interconnected: the more we make fun of Vladimir Putin, the sooner he'll have to rely solely on his salary.

So, I now announce a new music video challenge: "Your song is sung".

We're looking for music videos aiming to encourage disgust with the leader of the Crooks and Thieves party, Vladimir Putin, by telling the truth about him and his nefarious dealings.

It's highly desirable to promote the idea to come to the March elections and vote against Putin - the candidate of the Crooks and Thieves party. How it will be done is for you to decide.

The music video must contain an original song and visuals.
  • The winners will receive:
  • - nationwide love;
  • - honor and respect;
  • - the joy of labour;
  • - pleasure and fun during the video production process;
  • - cash prizes:
1st place - 150 000 roubles
2nd place - 100 000 roubles
3rd place - 50 000 roubles

Where does the money come from? Same as the last time. A sponsor is invited. Last time it was chich8.

As usual, the only condition for sponsorship is non-anonymity. This means that you'll have to disclose your name: I (your name here) sponsor this music video challenge with my 300 000 roubles and I'm not afraid to say so.
There are no sponsors yet, so I'll guarantee the prize money myself.

Good luck, my friends!

From the 1st of February, we will begin to accept and publish the videos. You now have two weeks to create and appear in the first issue.

I have taken into consideration some of the problems of previous challenge, so I've decided that I will no longer coordinate the process of accepting and corresponding with the authors as this led to delays in publication of several music videos for two weeks.

This won't happen again - the whole process will be managed by a group of volunteers, who I will assign by February 1st, and at the same time I will announce some of the technical terms of participation.

But you can safely start making videos right now: in any case, you'll need a spot on YouTube; complying with the above-mentioned aim is required in order to take part in the challenge.

There is no need to send in anything before the 1st of February.

You can view the music videos from the previous challenge here.

Let's begin!

If you have musician friends, or friends who want to be musicians, please share this post with them.
Thank you.

Originally posted bynavalny on January 18th, 12:05

Translation done by almuhametov


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