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To The Logical Conclusion

According to the LJ news, became the main entertainment web-site.

Even the headline is awesome!

("If I start something, I do my best to bring it to its logical conclusion, or at least get the maximum effect from it".)

This is definitely about the Gunvor and Ozero co-operative society (
There is a "maximum effect" at least: Timchenko and Co sucked up our oil and became billionaires; the money kept in Switzerland. Ozero's neighbours are already billionaires and they created the country's new feudal elite.

The "logical conclusion" will most probably happen when they steal the rest of oil and use the money to build a palace the size of the Krasnodar Territory.

And something interesting was noted by oleg_kozyrev - there's no mention at all of United Russia Party on Putin's website.
This is indecent. He gathered all these crooks from around the country, declared them the governing party, but now he says, "I'm not like them".

And of course the job done with "offers from workers" is just great!

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