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We Regard The Voluntary Team’s First Action To Be A Success; and also All Policemen Are Druggies
Navalny in English

Yesterday, our headquarters voluntary team who I wrote about two days ago,  had their first day of action in support of my election campaign.
The first working meeting was held on Friday.

And yesterday they organised six agitation pickets in Moscow using the agitation cubes we originally devised in Kirov city.

Many thanks to all who took part.
That’s the way we’ll overcome the sick, disgusting propaganda of Putin and United Russia.

I’m happy to know there are people who have realised that nobody but themselves can do that.
There are hundreds of thousands of Muscovites who understand what’s going on in the country and who are willing to spare a couple of hours a week to convince others of the truth.
They only need to get organised. So, together we are teaching ourselves how to do it.

Watch these videos to better appreciate the atmosphere:



Hundreds of thousands of people a day pass by the pickets. The volunteers talk to many thousands (including detailed discussions with many of them).

We’ll conduct special surveys to estimate the efficiency of this kind of campaign but judging by first impressions, it works superbly.

The team distributed leaflets with my programme theses. The entire programme will be presented on July 1.
The main aim of our actions is to demolish the myth the Kremlin goons created with their zombie-boxes: “The opposition has no constructive programme. Navalny fights corruption and what then? What do they suggest? It’s not enough to keep repeating “crooks and thieves”.

Such rallies are especially well suited to the “grannies who don’t use the internet but get all their information from the TV”.They will always remember a conversation with a devout supporter and will get a better impression than from a hundred news programmes.

Everyone talks about offline agitation. This is as offline as it gets.

So everything went perfectly well yesterday and will continue to do so today.

I would have finished this post on a cheerful note were it not for the Moscow police who last night SUDDENLY started sending out press releases which, as Evgeny Roizman has figuratively put it, looked like “the ravings of a stoned druggie”.

Moscow mayor candidate, Alexey Navalny, has begun his agitation campaign before the law allows.

"Under the law on Moscow mayor’s elections, candidates are allowed to start their campaign no earlier than 40 days before the elections, so members of [Navalny’s] campaign headquarters acted in breach of the current legislation,” a spokesman for the Moscow police department said.

MOSCOW, June 30 (RIA Novosti) - The Moscow police department said late on Saturday it had seized election leaflets of Russian anti-corruption activist and Moscow mayor candidate Alexei Navalny, who secured an official nomination for Moscow’s upcoming mayoral race earlier this month.

According to the Moscow police department, members of Navalny’s election team distributed “agitprop products in support of Navalny”.

“A representative of the Moscow Electoral Commission, who arrived [to the area], confirmed that actions of Navalny’s campaign headquarters were illegal,” the police spokesman said. “In accordance with the law, those printed products were seized.”

I didn’t even know what to do first: exclaim “WHOA?” or call a drug abuse clinic to report the strange hallucinations of the policemen.

The interesting point is that the RIA article has a link to the infographics page of the very same news agency website where they’ve published the election campaign schedule:

“The election campaigning starts on the day of the candidate’s nomination and ends one day before the day of vote”.

The Moscow election law is unequivocal: a candidate may begin their agitation campaign from the day of nomination.

Deputy Katz has already published an indignant Livejournal post and has lodged a deputy's inquiry with the city police department. Read it.

Moreover, the information that police alegedly seized leaflets at our rally in Trubnaya Square is also a drug-induced fantasy of the Moscow police. Here’s Zhora Alburov’s tweet yesterday about the successful completion of the picket.

Their picket was a success.

At one stage, a lady from the Meschansky district council came up to them and demanded that they cease their agitation:

But we showed her the relevant article of the Moscow City Election Code, and she went away.

That was about the only incident. As for the “representative of the Moscow Electoral Commission who documented the breach of law” and a “seizure of leaflets”, it was a pure fiction of a policeman who was probably writing the press release in the room where evidenciary items relating to Article 282 of the Criminal code [purchase and distribution of narcotic and psychotropic drugs] are stored.

We’re getting on nicely. We don’t break the law.
We’re very happy that our team is the only one waging a real election campaign.
About 5 thousand people have already joined the volunteer groups.

Join us, we’ll learn to work together, and we’ll win.


Originally posted by navalny on Jun. 30th, 2013 at 1:26 PM