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A Conversation With The Writer: Part 3

The continuation of the conversation with Boris Akunin (borisakunin). He published the third and final part of our conversation.

Great repairs.

"In the third and final part of our conversation let’s talk about what the point of all of this was. Not about "The violent destruction of the status quo" but about "What happens afterwards". How we will build our new world? What will it look like? To what extent do our views on a “correctly arranged” Russia coincide. And most importantly- let’s see what the range of opinion is among our readers.

Continued here [in Russian, unfortunately]

We’re discussing how to reorganise Rabkrin, about the courts, the reform of power, "red hot iron on mode" and other parts of a bright future.
Read it, if you are interested. Comment, if you have something to say.

Those who can not comment on his blog are welcome to comment here (actually here).

And again, as usual I have duplicated the poll so that we can further compare the results

When repairing Russia, what is the most important?
Constitutional Reform
Judicial Reform
Press Freedom
Police Reform
Military reform
A nationwide anti-corruption campaign
Health Care Reform
Pension Reform
Avoiding the "raw material supplier" style economic model
The revival of the country's scientific potential
Deregulation and de-bureaucratisation
Optimising the management of state property
Orderly migration rather than illegal
Education reform
Other problems not listed here

Thanks to everybody who participated in the discussion during our New Year’s/Christmas political series.
And especially big thanks to borisakunin for this great idea and interesting questions.

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