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130 Verdicts, 0 Acquittals
Navalny in English
When his townsfolk learnt that judge Blinov was to try Navalny’s case, they felt pity for the judge. “Poor him!” – exclaimed Ms Vyatkina.. “I don’t envy him at all” – lawyer Simonov shook his head [...] “He would never himself had chosen Navalny’s case. No one would. You won’t earn fame with such cases”.

Have a look, it’s really rather curious. The New Times visited Kirov city and found the judge who’ll preside over my case that starts on April 17.

His statistics are peculiar: he's handed down 130 verdicts, with not a single acquittal among them. This stands out from even Russia's remarkable nationwide statistics: 0.4% acquittals (in Stalin’s times, as we know, there were over 15% acquittals).

By the way, there's no point sighing about my hard lot in this connection, you’d better sigh about your own. It’s a good reason to refresh your memory about what “justice” in Russia is.
Judges are just ordinary officials, no different from divisional assistant heads at a ministry of, say, regional development. They issue administrative notes according to received instructions and likewise, judges issue verdicts according to received instructions.

When the “system” involving political authorities, police, investigators, the public prosecution, and the court decides to send someone to the big house, the verdict is predetermined. Even the 0.4% acquittals are indulgences given only to insiders: the proportion of not-guilty sentences for law-enforcement officers is 25 times higher than for other people, and for public officials that figure is 16 times higher.

Chief of the Leninsky district court in Kirov, Mr Zaitsev, has put it very interestingly:

Do you think V. V. Putin is telling us we must make Navalny responsible? There’s an excellent proverb, “It’s the retinue that makes the king”.To please the king the retinue makes this or that decision, but to what extent they would guess his wishes, that is the question” – that was the way Mr Zaitsev shared his vision of justice in his Fatherland.

“It’s not nice at all to read on the internet that you’re a bad man, a tyrant, a bastard, that you’ve sold yourself out for 30 silver coins. Maybe we deserve it, I don’t know... It’s hard to judge being inside the system”, - concluded Mr Zaitsev.

Please read it.

There’s one important thing I’d like to say: I’m deeply grateful to everyone for your support.

I’m sorry I can’t tell each of you individually but it’s really very important for me and I appreciate it very much.

When I look at the photos of this group I know that what I'm doing, I'm not doing for nothing. I can’t fail such friends.

Lots of people have responded to Boris Akunin’s appeal and decided to go to Kirov. Come along if you have time. No one can guarantee you’ll get inside the courtroom but you can see Kirov, there’s a couple of sights worth seeing there.
Coordination for people looking for travelling companions can be found here and here.

Additionally, we want to combine the unpleasant with the pleasant and useful. For example, lots of journalists are going to Kirov where they’ll have nothing to do for 99 per cent of the time. We plan to put on a permanent exhibition “Putin is a Thief” near the courthouse and dedicate each day to one of the problems our Foundation for Fighting Corruption has dealt with (and is dealing with). On the first day we’re going to remind everyone about Gunvor Co.
We’ll squeeze juice out of Kirov’s lemons. Our Astrakhan experience proved to be very good, by the way. The voting result in favour of “United Russia” at the latest parliamentary election in Kirov was only 31%, so the Kirov citizens are eager to get our leaflets.

The following link is helpful for those who can speak English, and for foreign journalists, as well

The U.S. law-firm Loeb & Loeb has studied my indictment. We shipped a million various files to them and they were digging through them for a very long time. They did the job pro bono and I’m truly grateful to them..

An Analysis of the Russian Federation's prosecutions of Alexei Navalny

Send this link to those unfamiliar with the realities of Russian “justice” and “trials”, it will help them to understand.

My family supports me, too:
My wife gave an interview to Leonid Parfenov on his programme “Parfenov”, and my brother and his wife have supported me amid their preparations for the apparent Zombie-Apocalypse.

Everyone’s asking for my comments on this complete nightmare *.

I can't tell you anything new: this regime and its PR flunkies are a mob of degenerates, perverts, freaks, and satanists.
What else can I say after reading it?
First they come up with all this trash, shaking their botoxed mugs and giggling with joy: JUST FANCY HOW POPULAR IT’S GOING TO BE ON THE NET! WE’LL SHOW IT ON TV, TOO, and then they'll rush to church to bless themselves and fight for morality and ethics.

* * *

* The linked article alludes to the story that the accredited agent of president V. Putin, Sergei Bugaev, allegedly suggested a live-art performer, Mamyshev-Monroe, depict Alexey Navalny in a pornographic performance to discredit him. Mamyshev refused. A short time later he was found drowned in a shallow swimming pool in Bali.
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