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One Day - One Name. Yaroslav Belousov
Navalny in English

Yaroslav Belousov, 21, student at Moscow State University.

He's been under arrest since June 8. According to the prosecution, he threw "something yellow and shapeless" at a riot police officer. The key argument of the prosecution is witness testimony: the head of the Interior Ministry has appointed special "aggrieved persons" who use to "recognize and identify" the people detained in connection with the "Bolotnaya case".

Yaroslav Belousov has a small child, he is an excellent student, and it's obvious he's not planning to escape (after May 6 he was detained, then released, then he appeared in court by himself to be sentenced to a 24-hour arrest); nevertheless, since then he's been held in the remand prison.
I once attended a court session on Yaroslav's preventive detention: he looked just like a high-scoring student with glasses, who was put in the cage for some unknown reason.

He carries himself like a top scholar too: he has learnt everything and he's quite positive he's right.

The poet, Lev Rubinstein, speaks about Yaroslav Belousov.

Originally posted by navalny on Apr. 14th, 2013 at 11:01 AM