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The Prosecutorial Premium

"I want to lodge a complaint with the prosecutor's office." You often hear this. I myself often say this.

And RosPil often files complaints demanding that prosecutorial measures be taken against the organizers of “juicy” tenders.
Unfortunately, without any particular success. Our prosecutors are not burning with the desire to take on corruption in government orders because for these guys in blue uniforms, the kickbacks from state orders are a real a gold mine.

For example, they have so far unsuccessfully been "investigating" the case of how prosecutors received bribes for the procurement of equipment from Hewlett-Packard. The company itself has admitted to the fact that bribery occurred, but we have not heard anything on how any of the bribe-takers have been brought to justice.

RosPil is now studying the quite remarkable case of "development of the information system," of the prosecutor's office, as a result of which, we are sure, more than one wonderful house in Miami has been built.

For this we need additional expert help; if someone would be willing to study the order's material and get in touch, we would be most grateful.

In the last year, the Russian General Prosecutor's Office has issued 6 major tenders for the completion and maintenance of its information systems, and first and foremost for a system of personnel and pension accounting.

Information is a useful thing, and the prosecutor's office is a massive structure. And so things get expensive.
Only, as usual in Russia, things have gotten TOO EXPENSIVE.

The total for the 6 orders: 1.18 billion rubles. For this year alone.

Let's carry out a completely hypothetical calculation and estimate the “average temperature in the hospital”:
Total employees of the state prosecutor's office: 45,865 people (Presidential Decree No. 90, from January 25, 2011, "On The Number of State Employees for the Prosecutor's Office").

1,180,000,000/45,865 = 25,728

That is, information systems for the prosecutor's office (only for last year) cost 25,000 rubles per employee.

Question: Does this price include gold badges for each employee and diamond-studded stripes for the management?
Answer: No, and this makes the situation even stranger.

As I have already said, six tenders were issued. For 5 of them, the bidding has already been concluded. For 4 of them only one bidder participated.
Why? Because the illegal conditions of participation for the tenders did not even allow "outsiders" to place a bid.

Order No. 1

Contract Price: 401 million rubles.

The number of bidders: 1
Winner: Closed Joint Stock Company "Open Technology 98";
[Digital Copy of the Online Tender]

The bidding has been declared invalid since there was only one participant, and a contract can be signed only upon having notified the ФАС.

Order No. 2


Contract price: 10 million rubles

The number of bidders: 1
Winner: Limited Liability Company "IT Profile".
[Digital Copy of the Online Tender]

Same as before.

Order No. 3

Contract price: 232,347,000.00

The number of bidders: 1
Winner: Closed Joint Stock Company "Synterra";
[Digital Copy of the Online Tender]

Order No. 4

Contract price: 229,937,000.00

The number of bidders: 1
Winner: Closed Joint Stock Company "Open Technology 98".
[Digital Copy of the Online Tender]

Order No. 5

Contract price: 69,500,000.00

The number of bidders: 2
Winner: Closed Joint Stock Company "Open Technology 98".
[Digital Copy of the Online Tender]

Order No. 6

Contract price: 236,900,000.00

The last of these tenders was only recently issued, and the bidding has still not been concluded, but the order has been formulated with everything necessary so that it only reaches "who it should".

We lodged a complaint against this tender (text of the complaint here) and they will look at it tomorrow at Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) at 11:30.

I hope that the hand of FAS does not waver in making a lawful decision and directing the Prosecutor's Office to annul this order.

In any case, it is obvious that we will look into these information systems tenders further, and so if any experts are ready to help us, please contact us. All initial consultations with experts have indicated to us that the sum of this whole business is at least two times too big.

To force the prosecutor's office to be clean is not easy, but certainly worthwhile.

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