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Pekhtin Steps Down
Navalny in English
[Video: Title - Deputy Vladimir Pekhtin Denies Allegations That He Owns Property in The US]

Deputy Vladimir Pekhtin asked to be allowed to step aside and temporarily relinquish his authority as head of the Duma committee on ethics. He said that he would remain sidelined until an investigation, based on media reports, into his income and assets had been completed.
Pekhtin expressed his willingness to provide the investigation with all necessary materials. The deputy denies the allegations that he owns property in the US. He clarified that any property is owned by his son Alexei, who went to live and study in the US in the late 90's.
Pekhtin also said that once the investigation has been completed, he is not ruling out the possibility of taking to court those who have spread false information about him and tarnished his reputation.
The information on Pekhtin's foreign property holdings was published on the blog of Alexey Navalny.

To see the original material click here:

Something is amiss at Channel One. I expected more from them, something like:

"Vladimir Pekhtin has been forced to temporarily step aside due to attacks from Navalny, a blogger accused of multi-million dollar fraud, who is well known for previously spreading unverified information.
Vladimir Pekhtin is sure that he will be able to prove his innocence in court, and his lawyers have already filed a grievance with Basmanny court in the capital.
“I am practically completely innocent, but it would be worthwhile to check this Navalny for connections with foreigners,” Mr. Pekhtin told our correspondent by phone from Miami."

We are impatiently waiting for the State Duma to consider the facts regarding Pekhtin's property holdings in the US.
We very much hope that there will be a fair investigation, and not "Pekhtin is not found guilty because all the evidence is on suspicious foreign websites, where everything is written with incomprehensible letters."

Also, so as not to have to post twice, here is this:

"Alexander Bastrykin is the new face of "Yves Rocher."
Yulia Latynina, regarding one of my cases: this is about the "Navalny brothers crime syndicate."

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 13th, 2013 at 8:11 PM

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