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The Continuation of “Pekhting”
Navalny in English

It was very funny to watch the evolution of the excuses given yesterday by the famous Miami resident, United Russia deputy Pekhtin.

In his first interview, apparently in a panic, he said the now legendary line, "I have practically no property abroad."

Then he said that it was his son's property, which he wants to leave in inheritance (WHAT?).

The latest version is that everything belongs to his son, who has been working and living in the US for a long time, and his son just put his name in some of the boxes on the property title deeds.
Well, to have your name used for this and end up being the owner of a $1.2 million luxury apartment by chance.
Who hasn't had this happen to them at one time or another?

Indeed, among the "United Russia" leadership this is constantly happening all the time.

Regarding his property in Miami, Pekhtin further said that, "Navalny needs to be taught a lesson. We first will look into what is listed for him."

However, we have some bad news for old man Pekhtin.
It is obvious that he chose a country in which to peacefully and securely spend his old age and for the future of his children and grandchildren because it is not dangerous there, the courts work, there are police, and there is no "United Russia."
He just forgot that there are also such things as transparency, public accountability and local government (and everything else that does not mix well with United Russia members), which allow us to know that United Russia deputy Pekhtin COMPLETELY BY CHANCE signed the necessary papers and found himself to be the owner of luxury apartments.

Here is the last time that he did this right before the New Year (strange how he was not celebrating the New Year with his constituents in Arkhangelsk). He also probably accidentally signed this.
In an unconscious state he arrived in Miami, remembered his love for the Motherland, and then all of a sudden and to his great surprise woke up and found himself in Miami with a million dollar apartment.

Also (thanks to the link given to us), we can see how it is shown in the OFFICIAL Miami real estate records that United Russia deputy Vladimir Pekhtin regularly pays property taxes:

$4,700 a year for one apartment and $17,000 a year for a second.
I'll bet anything that Pekhtin's whole family has not paid as much in taxes in Russia over the course of his whole life, than what he paid last year in the US taxes.

In addition, we see that in 2008 deputy Pekhtin (when he was loudly proclaiming in the State Duma that the presidential term should be increased to 6 years in Russia because RUSSIA IS ON A SPECIAL PATH AND THE US CANNOT GIVE HER ORDERS) took time away from the important affairs of the state in order to appear in court in the US regarding a case against some construction company.

As for Pekhtin's vague references to his 35-year-old son, the American entrepreneur, we have so far established two facts:

1. The American entrepreneur Pekhtin Jr. somehow received a State Duma salary, while always living, according to Pekhtin, in the US. This, it seems, was an addition to his American business profits.

2. The American entrepreneur Pekhtin Jr. established a commercial entity in the US on February 7, 2004 with Gubsky (the same person with whom he bought Ormond Beach real estate in 2005) and with some Gary Roger registered the firm SKAZKA CONSTRUCTION INCORPORATED.
Already by September 16, 2005 this firm had closed (most likely automatically because its annual report was not filed). Click here for confirmation of this.
No other traces of successful business activity by Pekhtin Jr. have been found as of yet.

What is the response of deputy Pekhtin's masters, for whose sake he shouts in the State Duma, to the fact that he was earning a state salary while vacationing in Miami?

President Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that he did not know about what Navalny had posted and did not follow Navalny's activities. If there were compelling material regarding the undeclared assets of Duma deputies, this would become the grounds for an investigation, of course, but if these allegations were simply rumors then it would be disregarded. Medvedev's spokeswoman Natalya Timakova declined to comment.

[Picture, “They call this shoe box owned by Pekhtin in Miami real estate!”]

Interesting who determines what material deserves an investigation and what is rumors or gossip isn't it?
Unfortunately, I have a feeling that all the material coming from the Foundation for Fighting Corruption will be considered "rumors," even if it is based on the official records of a different country's government agencies.

Related to this, I thought of another inquiry, which we did not make yesterday.
And we did not, because we could not.
By law, ordinary citizens cannot make inquires regarding the truthfulness of State Duma members’ property declarations.
However, officially registered media members can.
Therefore, we need a little help: here is the text for an inquiry (if you do not like it, you can change it).
We would be very grateful if the blessed owners of an official media license would send this in.

We will see what they say in response.

We also are very much looking forward to new excuses from deputy Pekhtin.
We advise you to be on the look out for stories about body doubles or alien abduction.

I have to share some great links related to this:

1. Andrey Malgin exposes in detail the lies of United Russia member Vladislav Tretiak, the owner of another apartment in Miami:

2. We are also expecting an interesting story about the main United Russia “foreign policy expert” Margelov:

For this, we need to collect a bit more information. Please help!

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 13th, 2013 at 2:35 PM

Translated by Contentious Politics Russia Blog

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