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Ethical Questions
Navalny in English
As we all know, "United Russia" is very concerned with ethical questions.

Recently, this remarkable party even proposed adopting a "Duma Deputy Code of Ethics" so that the Russian people would come to love and respect Duma deputies even more; well, and also in order to get rid of those deputies who love to attend protests and to speak out.

Here are some excerpts from this amazing document.

Read it and feel proud of the nation's elected representatives:

[Scanned document: 1. General Position 1.1 A deputy is guided in his or her actions by devotion to the motherland, protects its interests, strictly follows the Russian Constitution, the federal law on “The Status of Federation Council Members and State Duma Deputies,” other federal laws, and State Duma Regulations. A deputy possesses an impeccable reputation, the highest professional qualities, and an unwavering civic attitude.]

[Scanned document: 1.3 A deputy should not be involved in activity that damages his or her authority, or the authority of the State Duma and the government as a whole]

[Scanned document: 3. The Observance of Ethical Norms in the Mutual Relations between Deputies and Constituents 3.1 A deputy has the responsibility to his constituents to fulfill the promises made in the pre-election campaign.]

[Scanned document: 3.4 A deputy takes the measures, stipulated by Russian legislation, aimed at ensuring the freedom and legal interests of his or her constituents. Regarding personal interaction with constituents, a deputy should be an exemplar of professionalism, integrity, and justice.]

And my favorite part:

[Scanned document: The failure by any Duma deputy to submit a declaration of his income, assets, and liabilities, as well as the income, assets, and liabilities of his spouse and underage children, or the submission of an untrue or partial declaration, is a violation of the laws of deputy ethics. A deputy’s family is defined as his spouse and underage children.]

Obviously, "United Russia" could trust only the most honest, decent, and moral Duma deputies with the design and introduction of such a document.

Otherwise, something could happen and it would become clear that this person was not decent and was not moral. This would be awkward.
Zheleznyak already fought against foreign influence and demanded the countrywide introduction of Russian nesting dolls and kulebyaka, and then it was discovered that his children are living and studying abroad.

Well here we are. An exemplary ethical deputy has been found.

[Screen shot: Vladimir Alexeevich Pekhti, United Russia State Duma Deputy, Elected December 4, 2011, Chairman of Ethics Committee, Member of Committee on Federal Structure and Local Autonomy, Date of birth: December 9, 1950, Regional Connections: Archangelsk oblast, Nenetsky autonomous region]

This is Vladimir Pekhtin. A wonderful, ethical United Russia Duma deputy.
I would even say that he is especially moral, since he heads the Duma commission on ethics.

This is the commission that proposes which State Duma deputies should be deprived of the right to speak and which should be expelled. Somehow this commission denies the right to speak to and expels whoever they please, only this is never anyone from United Russia. But this is not surprising: United Russia deputies are more ethically sound.

There are some malicious individuals, who slandered Vladimir Alexeyevich Pekhtin.
They called him a "golden pretzel," and shouted about some kind of undeclared property holdings. They wrote about unethical palaces and "family nests."
Further, they invented the slick word "pekhting" for him; that is, for such an ungrateful and unethical reaction to his honest work in the committee.

Mr. Pekhtin did not even respond to all these dirty tricks. He did not respond to all kinds of tram hooligans.
He was not born in Leningrad for nothing. He did not take part in this silly debate, but turned and walked to the curb.

And as for any doubt that deputy Pekhtin is a very exemplary statesman and one of the best representatives in his party, you need only read his biography on the United Russia website.
In it he isn’t just anybody but a member of the bureau of the Supreme Council.

The list of his awards takes up a full paragraph:

[Screen shot: Paragraph listing his numerous official and bureaucratic sounding awards and honors, underlined part reads: thanks to the FSB director]
(why I underlined “thanks to the FSB director” I will say)

Does this not satisfy you and allow you to believe in the impeccable ethics of deputy Pekhtin?
You keep repeating, like parrots, the "party of crooks and thieves"?

Well good, how is this for such an argument then:

The triumph of ethics:

[What follows is a long account of all the real estate that Pekhtin and his family own in Florida, along with official documentation, often in English. Navalny asks how a Duma deputy could ever afford all of this and asks that all of this be investigated, and Pekhtin expelled from public life. Also, Navalny drafts a mocking letter asking voters to vote for United Russia so that they can buy more houses in Miami. See ]

Great. ABSOLUTLEY GREAT answer from Pekhtin. Likely headed straight to the classic.

Vladimir Pekhtin: "I have almost no property abroad '

Vladimir Pekhtin said that Navalny is lying.

- I do not know what he found there, and what he wrote. I have nothing more to say. My son really did study there (in the US), and he has the proper documents.

- Your son is still living in the U.S.?

- No, here in Russia.

- And your son has property in the U.S.?

- I think he has something, he studied there, and he has a wife from there. She now lives with him in Russia.

- So your son has some real estate in the US and you do not?

- No, no, definitely not.

- So the facts that Alexei Navalny published are not true?

- I do not know what he published, I did not see it.

- But if Navalny claims that you have real estate in the US, and you say that you do not, then he is lying?

- Apparently, yes.

- Will you defend your honor and dignity in regards to all of this?

- First, I have to see what he wrote.

- Tell me, in principle, do you have any property outside of Russia?

- Well, practically nothing.

- Practically? So yes or no?

- No, I do not! I've lived here all my life in Russia.

- And there is no kind of discrepancy with the facts set out in your declaration, right?

- Absolutely not. The declaration was submitted last year or the year before last, I do not remember. And it's all tr

Practically brilliant.

(Tweet reads: That evening it was explained to us that, first of all, he did not buy, but sold, and not an apartment, but a room, and not in Miami, but in Maryino [Moscow city district], and not Pekhtin, but Navalny).

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 12th, 2013 at 2:01 PM

Translated by Contentious Politics Russia Blog

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