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I haven't been posting much recently because the stupid Investigative Committee (IC) has been taking up a lot of my time, and thus bringing relief to the crooks who we have therefore not been to hound as much.

A couple of things:

1. Today, at the IC, I met the "mighty organizer of mass riots" Maria Baronova; she familiarized me with the details of the "Bolotnaya events (May 6 rally)" case, from which she faces charges.

She shared shocking evidence from the next volume.
Navalny uses Navalny's Twitter.

[Pictures: Tweet reads: “Everyone who is near the scene, return to Yakimanka Street.

2. Also, read the "Novaya Gazeta" investigation about how the international company "Yves Rocher" is involved in the fabrication of a political criminal case.

Judging by the documents available to the editor, and more specifically according to the statement of Bruno Leproux, the CEO of the Russian branch of the world famous cosmetic company "Yves Rocher East," it was he who initiated the "postal" criminal case regarding Alexey Navalny and his younger brother Oleg. Although, judging by the speed of the "document turnover" (from the time of the case registration to the pronouncement of a decision through three separate federal channels, only four days passed), it can be assumed that the officials of the Investigative Committee "asked" the management of "Yves Rocher East”. And the company could not find in itself the strength to refuse.

Bruno Leproux's statement to Investigative Committee head Alexander Bastrykin was registered by the Main Investigative Department of the IC on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 15:25. That same day, the head of the IC's Head Investigative Department, Major General A.V. Shchukin ordered Major S.A. Pishchulin, the special investigator for particularly important cases, to carry out an investigation under Articles 144-145 of the Russian Criminal Code. Pishchulin investigated and submitted to Shchukin a "Report on the Detection of Signs of a Crime." The report is dated on the same December 10. On this same day, having come to an agreement with General Shchukin, Major Pishchulin submitted the "Resolution On the Allocation of Separate Proceedings of the Criminal Case."

Maybe Yves Rocher Co. was tricked into giving false evidence against the Navalny brothers or maybe they were intimidated, it is as of yet difficult to say, but they are behaving startlingly.
After an FSB visit to their offices, they issued some kind of strange statement along the lines of "we request that you inspect", and now, when they have realized that this looks like trouble, they are refusing to comment.
They are not saying anything. They do not want to explain why they suddenly requested that the IC check a contract under whose terms they have already been providing services for 3 years.
All of their statements are limited to: "Me no comment. Me simply sell cosmetics to Russian women to make beautiful."

If you use their makeup, just remember that they are paying money to those who are willing to participate in dishonesty and fabrication, as long as the boss does not mess with their trade.

3. After my last post, the Moscow regional Bureau of Technical Inventory canceled their fraudulent order.

It is good that it was canceled. But, at the same time, this is a perfect example of how the “hiding orders through the use of Latin letters or unintelligible names” scheme works risk-free.
If it succeeds, they get a kickback.
If does not succeed because RosPil (or someone else) noticed, they just cancel the order and nothing is lost. No kind of punishment, no investigations and no fines.
Very comfortable.

If RosPil's proposals to combat these tricks are implemented, then the situation will markedly change for the better.
By the way, the legislation prepared regarding this situation was submitted in the State Duma yesterday (big thanks to Dima Gudkov).

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 6th, 2013 at 2:23 PM

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