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What Is More, He’s A Dual Foreign Agent
Navalny in English
You must read this:

A surprising and awesome investigation by Novaya Gazeta:

It turns out that the foreign agent Bastrykin owned private entities not only in Czechia, but in Spain, as well.

What an excellent man and an honest-to-goodness head of the Investigative Committee, the body that fights corruption!

The man used to buy appartments in European countries on behalf of his wife but didn't enter them on his tax returns. It's unknown where his purchase money came from.

Or, rather, it is known

With a single correction: the general in golden shoulder straps, A. I. Bastrykin wasn't tortured; he was caught at corruption and at his secret affection for comfortable life overseas.

That was how he became a Czech-Spanish spy.

Certainly, now Bastrykin is hectically covering up his tracks: he has re-registered his homes, buried his radio-station in the backyard, has taken off the pot with geranium he placed onto the window-sill as the secret sign for a courier from the embassy.
Still, the agent has been uncovered.

Today our Foundation for Fighting Corruption will file a petition based on the Novaya Gazeta publications; we claim to oust the thief, swindler and spy Bastrykin.

Originally posted bynavalny on Sep. 19th, 2012 at 12:32 PM