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On The Forthcoming Election Of The Coordination Council

Organizational work to prepare for an all-oppositional election is humming along. The election will take place without fail.

The Central Voting Committee has been formed. It organises elections so that they are: 1) general; 2) wide-scale; 3) absolutely clean.

The Committee is headed by Leonid Volkov leonwolf and comprises representatives of various political movements (national, liberal and left); representatives of the institutions that observe elections: the GOLOS, the Grazhdanin Nablyudatel, the SONAR, as well as various noted experts.

Among others, there's the Internet monster, Anton Nossik, and the Internet mega-monster, one of the Yandex’ founders, Ilya Segalovich. The fact that they’ve given their consent is a great success: their competency is unquestionable and their reputation assures us that they would never participate in a fraudulent project. Nevertheless, the voting scheme will undergo a public audit.

The complete list of the Central Election Committee, and answers to a lot of questions can be found here. A special-purpose website with all necessary information will be published soon.

My personal experience with the would-be participants (contenders) tells me that so far, everyone (or almost everyone) who can establish themselves as leaders, will take part in the election.

The weakest point for now is informing people. Everybody seems to have heard of the election, but nobody really understands what it is.

We’re sure to organise a large-scale information campaign to clarify everything; still, I’ve made an attempt to clear things up with several people in our office, and the guys from the Term project videoed it.

A 30 minute video here

A shorter, 5-minute version is here

Frankly speaking, I didn’t quite succeed in getting the idea across. Hopefully, you’ll be able to figure out what's what.

Besides, Volkov has held an opinion poll on his blog. The results are important, so I’m reposting it.

[Opinion poll]

Please vote.

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