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Bastrykin In The Forest With A Gun
Navalny in English
Everyone keeps asking: why has Bastrykin raised such a public stink?

The head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, demanded that his subordinates explain why the probe into Navalny’s alleged embezzlement of the “Kirovles” timber company was closed, - the RIA Novosti news agency reports.
Speaking at the assembly in St. Petersburg, Bastrykin chided the Investigative department for Kirov region for closing the probe. He suspected this could have been done under pressure, as Navalny previously served as an adviser to the regional governor Nikita Belykh.

"The whole country is saying: “The correspondence [between Belykh and Navalny] has been published, but we are hearing nothing except your mumbling. You had a criminal case against this man and you quietly closed it. If you had any grounds to terminate the case – you had to report them... If you went soft, or were intimidated, or under pressure – you should have reported it...”, Bastrykin said.

The party and government are obviously claiming the case is a set up, though on former occasions they used to do it on the quiet. This time there isn’t any “quiet” at all.

The resolution on the termination of the case was issued on April 10 [Notification of A. Navalny’s right for rehabilitation]:

I wrote about it a month and a half later, on May 28. http://navalny-en.livejournal.com/21843.html
That is, I waited to see if the resolution would be “upheld” by the prosecutor's office or else be denounced by higher authorities.
It was upheld, so it’s no use lying like Bastrykin is doing; all case files underwent timely testing at the Investigative Committee.

But the day after I wrote about it, the Committee denounced its decision. Though they didn't actually have enough time to read all the case papers.

As for the suit, it was investigated in Kirov city because, after initiating it in Moscow, Bastrykin’s Investigative Committee sent it to Kirov. We, for our part, repeatedly filed appeals to Moscow’s Basmanny Court asking that the case be transferred from Kirov to Moscow.
Now the question is: why has Bastrykin started making such a fuss?

Yesterday his faithful servants brought him our “complimentary letter":

[Copy of Statement of Committed Crime, addressed by A. Navalny to President Putin, regarding A. Bastrykin’s threats to kill journalist, S. Sokolov, in June, 2012 and Mr A. Korotenko in August, 2004, the latter at gunpoint]

As far as instituting a case against the head of the Investigative Committee, a special procedure is required, so -

[Copy of A. Navalny’s request to President Putin to relieve A. Bastrykin from his post due to his deviant activities and to initiate criminal proceedings against him]

Here you can read the judicial decision depicting the adventures of the drunk and armed Bastrykin.
Investigators reacted calmly to the fact that he drew his gun at a guy who was just walking his dog. By the way, what does a Ministry of Justice officer need a handgun for?

[Copy of Prosecution’s order to dismiss the criminal complaint against A. Bastrykin, dated September 1, 2004]

He’s just an ape, who's been given a gun by mistake.

Actually, Basrtykin should be kept in isolation, not in a building on Tekhnichesky Alley [the Investigative Committee headquarters].
He knows it, but he’s unwilling to get isolated. That’s why he keeps squawking at his assemblies.

I would also like to remind the “Investigative” “Committee”’s “head” Basrtykin: an investigator is an independent authority; and if Bastrykin believes that issues of reopening or referral of terminated cases may be decided by “panels”, then I'm sorry to disappoint him – it isn’t so.

It’s clear that Bastrykin is not in the mood for legal action: he’s busy apple-polishing Putin and the United Russia party, lest they deprive him of his two Infiniti escort jeeps, which would evoke bitter sadness in him.

Originally posted by navalny on Jul. 5, 2012 at 4:13 PM

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must not occupy a position of the Head of Investigative Committee. The man whose style of working resembles the behaviour of a criminal. As far as I know he had already threatened a journalist for critisizig his manner of investigating the cases. None of the crimes committed during the last ten years regarding mysterious murders of well-known persons were disclosed. Mr. Bastrykin threatened the famous journalist to cut off his head and legs and warned that he would investigate this murder of the latter himself. Tell me, in what civilized country can such awful things be possible? Moreover Mr. Bastrykin threatened to kill a man who took his dog out for a walk because he was drunk and did not like the dog barking. The police refused to arrest him because they recognised the official and were reluctant to interfere. I can not imagine how people with such inadequate manners can head the high position in this country. Probably he studied at the same time with the current president of Russia in the University...

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