Ethical Questions
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As we all know, "United Russia" is very concerned with ethical questions.

Recently, this remarkable party even proposed adopting a "Duma Deputy Code of Ethics" so that the Russian people would come to love and respect Duma deputies even more; well, and also in order to get rid of those deputies who love to attend protests and to speak out.

Here are some excerpts from this amazing document.

Read it and feel proud of the nation's elected representatives:

[Scanned document: 1. General Position 1.1 A deputy is guided in his or her actions by devotion to the motherland, protects its interests, strictly follows the Russian Constitution, the federal law on “The Status of Federation Council Members and State Duma Deputies,” other federal laws, and State Duma Regulations. A deputy possesses an impeccable reputation, the highest professional qualities, and an unwavering civic attitude.]

[Scanned document: 1.3 A deputy should not be involved in activity that damages his or her authority, or the authority of the State Duma and the government as a whole]

[Scanned document: 3. The Observance of Ethical Norms in the Mutual Relations between Deputies and Constituents 3.1 A deputy has the responsibility to his constituents to fulfill the promises made in the pre-election campaign.]

[Scanned document: 3.4 A deputy takes the measures, stipulated by Russian legislation, aimed at ensuring the freedom and legal interests of his or her constituents. Regarding personal interaction with constituents, a deputy should be an exemplar of professionalism, integrity, and justice.]

And my favorite part:

[Scanned document: The failure by any Duma deputy to submit a declaration of his income, assets, and liabilities, as well as the income, assets, and liabilities of his spouse and underage children, or the submission of an untrue or partial declaration, is a violation of the laws of deputy ethics. A deputy’s family is defined as his spouse and underage children.]

Obviously, "United Russia" could trust only the most honest, decent, and moral Duma deputies with the design and introduction of such a document.

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Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 12th, 2013 at 2:01 PM

Translated by Contentious Politics Russia Blog


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