These Strange House Arrests
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In Nizhny Novgorod city a 24 year-old businessman high on cocaine shot a 51-year-old heart surgeon.
Because of a quarrel in the parking lot.

The gunman was first released on bail, and then was placed under house arrest.

That’s fair: the court must be humane to the owner of the local network of service stations.

And here’s another case:

Half an hour ago, Sergei Udaltsov was placed under house arrest. He has been accused of “causing mass disorder” and “rioting” in the so-called “Bolotnaya case”.

Investigators requested his pledge to honour his bail conditions be changed to home detention with complete isolation from any means of communications, as (I quote), “his mobile phones are often disconnected”.

Investigator Gabdullin also informed the court of other shocking facts:

1. Udaltsov’s wife lives in the Ukraine.
2. Udaltsov and his wife are on bad terms, which was established by tapping their phones.

Udaltsov’s wife was present in the very same courtroom. But the judge chose not to question her despite Udaltsov’s appeal.

As the verdict was announced, all eyes in the courtroom were on Sergei’s wife and the people laughed loudly when the judge read, “Udaltsov’s wife is in the Ukraine”.
Nevertheless, Judge Karpov sentenced him to house arrest without batting an eyelid.

We all know why they treat the Nizhny Novgorod shooter this way.
We also know why they treat Udaltsov this way.

What we don’t know is why they even bother to call it “a trial”.

Originally posted by navalny on 9th, 2013 at 7:21 PM


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