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All the shocking “figures of the day” I’ve heard recently are related to the Sochi Olympics

1. According to the Ministry of Regional Development, in the last 6 years the cost of preparation for the Sochi Olympics has increased from 320 billion to 1.5 trillion roubles [Cost-sheet]:

2. As of yesterday, the budget for the Olympics is now being spent at a rate of 1.05 billion per day.

3. The planned tickets sales revenue from the Sochi Olympics is $250 million, while the increase in the cost of work at only ONE construction site (from which Mr Bilalov has been fired) is $230 million.
If all the cash stolen at even one of these construction sites was recompensed, every Russian citizen would be able to attend the Olympics for free.
Probably, if the sums stolen at just three sites were recompensed, the tickets to Sochi and the hotel accomodation would be free to anyone who felt like going. As a minimum, all Russian children attending sports schools and clubs could be sent to watch the Olympic Games.

One can dream on and on like this. Egor Bychkov has done it brilliantly in his superb post.

Unfortunately, “dream” is the key word.

There’ll be neither free tickets, nor swimming pools, nor ice stadiums in each of the 1100 Russian towns.

I mean, there will be the pools and stadiums, but at a sufficiently great distance from these very Russian towns. These pools are intended for bathing and drinking free champagne. But not for everyone.

It’s the same story with Transneft, but on an eye-watering scale and in full view of the whole country.

So as not to end the post on such a sad note, here’s a couple of photos from yesterday’s event: “One Year until the Day of the Olympics”.

They’ve probably spent another billion on it.

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 8th, 2013 at 1:26 PM


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