Ashurkov Is Being House-Searched
Navalny in English

The managing director of our Foundation for Fighting Corruption, Vladimir Ashurkov, is being house-searched.

By an investigator from the Investigative Committee (IC) and field investigators from the Federal Security Service.

I got a text from him, “IC behind the door”. On my way there, the whole time I was racking my brain: what could they be looking for and for what reason?

Pasha Elizarov who runs the Bolotnoye Delo [“The Bolotnaya case”] website seems to have the correct answer:

[The tweet reads. “The Investigative Committee is concerned with two criminal groups: those who attended the May 6 March, and all the people named in Navalny’s address book]

And so it is. Volodya’s [Vladimir Ashurkov’s] house is searched in connection with the most ridiculous case among all those fabricated against me – the “Union of Rightist Forces” [SPS] case.[]
This case is absolutely marvellous. The IC declares that I stole unimaginable millions from the SPS. Yet, there’s no aggrieved party in the case.
All the leaders of all the SPS branches (who aren't very friendly with each other, by the way) unanimously say: Nuts! It’s absolute nonsense!
Nemtsov, Gozman, Belykh, Gaidar.

Despite that, the case is forging ahead. The Investigative Committee hasn’t had the brass to serve charges against me yet, and I’m no more than a witness, but trifles such as the total lack of proof and the absence of an aggrieved party have never troubled the Czech spy and Chief Investigator of the Russian Federation.

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Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 7th, 2013 at 2:25 PM


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