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We discussed a very revealing and sad story at Aeroflot's Board of Directors yesterday. The subject was “micromanagement and the effectiveness of bureaucracy”

OJSC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines bought Boeing's 777-300ER. It’s the biggest-selling modification of the B777. Several hundred of them are in operation throughout the world.

The first aircraft (in the photo) was scheduled to make its festive, inaugral commercial flight to Bangkok today; 402 passengers bought tickets.

These 402 passengers are sure to get to Bangkok, indeed – although on two other smaller-capacity planes.

And the brand new Boeing-777-300ER will sadly stay in the hangar. And if only it just sadly stayed – but it will cause sadness to everyone around, because every day it sits idle Aeroflot incurs a $50 thousand loss.

How is this possible? Because the blockheads at Rosavia and the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) shuffle the new machine's certification papers back and forth with the inevitable result: the certificate hasn’t yet been issued.

Nothing in our country is allowed to fly, shoot, medicate, feed, quench thirst or run using any number of legs - without a bureaucrat’s Great Round Stamp of Approval.

Moreover, the Boeing to be certified has filed all documents as far back as April 12.
No reply.

The bureaucrats don’t give a damn about the Boeing, or its passengers, or Aeroflot, or Aeroflot’s losses, or the fact that hundreds of such airplanes already fly around the world - they just don’t issue our Russian homespun certificate.

The Kommersant published a detailed story supplemented with dates.

One peculiar detail has never been mentioned before, but it turns the whole story into an absolute idiocy: the very same foreign airliners do land at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow without any trouble at all.

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Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 1st, 2013 at 1:11 PM


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