January 21st, 2012

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Mr. Promise

Absolutely remarkable collection by naganoff

It is critically important to file and spread these things. 

Our principal Kremlin Crook – Mr. Putin – always tries to show that he has just entered the fire site, just started extinguishing the flames, and that the ‘vicious 90es’ have barely ended. 

He is in power for the past 13 years. Not to count his time in the Administration of the previous President ((Boris Yeltsin)) – that is, since 1996. 

The guy had a good chance to apply his genius and multiple talents to reform, for instance, Russian Communal Services system. 

Understandably, Americans were against it and constantly interfering – Department of State, agents of influence, this sort of things. 

Could at least something be done during the decade of unprecedented oil and gas prices? 
The whole activity was focused on 'demanding firmly’, and further to broadcast the process of ‘demanding firmly’ on TV. 

I quote the post of naganoff in its entirety (http://naganoff.livejournal.com/41303.html): 

For the past days we have a pleasure to witness the whole frontal attack on the Governor Nikita Belykh ((http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikita_Belykh)) in Russian press. According to the story, Belykh ‘sold out’ the regional communal services to his associates that prompted a steep prices increase, as he does not give a damn about the people of the region (Kirov) and just wants to have extensive vacations when the Xmas break is already over. And for these vacations, imagine, he actually goes to Sweden. But common people’s voice and protector – Mr. Putin – stopped this nonsense in front of the TV cameras. That’s understandable, since Putin knows best how to fight with the prices increase for the communal services – he does that for the past eleven years … 

Well, let us follow year by year the phases of his tremendous struggle – as the proof that our National Leader is a man of his word. 

Putin warns that the communal services reform should not be accomplished on the expense of the living standards of the people (http://gov.karelia.ru/News/2001/0529_11.html). 

Opening the Council of State meeting, President Putin names four main principles for reforming the communal services in Russia. Firstly, he said, we should clearly mark the direction of the reform and the way it will be done, importantly, not on the expense of the people and their quality of living. ‘We should launch this reform with the feel of great responsibility, and the authorities should act transparently and clear’, said the President. He stressed that both population and the local authorities should be willing to embark on such reform. The President further insisted that the responsibilities should be clearly defined at all official levels, and that the price politics in this area should be defined at a federal level and should align with the overall economic strategy for the country

Putin: only such attitude will help lifting the concerns of our citizens that the reform of the communal services will be downgraded to a pure increase of prices (http://2002.kremlin.ru/events/510.html). 

‘It is clear that the whole system of communal services needs a drastic change … - the main goal being the services quality raise while reducing the costs. Only such attitude will help lifting the concerns of our citizens that the reform of the communal services will be downgraded to a pure increase of prices … we can envision such increase only under condition of the increased market competition of service providers, after introducing the audit of all spending and the ability to freely choose the service provider. 

Putin: We can’t solve the problems of the communal services by a mere prices increase (http://www.lenta.ru/russia/2003/07/17/putin/_Printed.htm)

President also reminded of the problems in the communal services … Putin noted that we can not solve the problems of the communal services by a mere prices increase. 

Putin demanded that the ‘prices orgy’ with the communal services stops now (http://www.utro.ru/news/2005/09/05/474110.shtml). 

Vladimir Putin demanded that the ‘prices orgy’ with public transport, communal services and local telephony stops now. ‘We should indeed allow the Federal regions to set the local prices, though keeping them below a certain limit set by the central government to avoid, literally, the ‘prices orgy’ – said the President on the meeting with the senior officials of the government, the Russian parliament and the State Council members. 

Putin is dissatisfied with the prices increase for the communal services (http://www.ntv.ru/novosti/83240/). 

Putin is dissatisfied with the prices increase for the communal services and how the government deals with high inflation this year … ‘Lots of talking without the expected results’, he stated. 

Putin urges to end the unjustified increase of prices for the communal services (http://news.mail.ru/politics/1443213/). 

It is important to launch already now the effective economical mechanisms that will end the unjustified increase of prices for the communal services and will ensure the quality of these services’ – Putin urges. ‘People are expecting the improvements and not just wasteful money spending, they have a right to count on that’ – he stressed. 

I like this, ‘It is important to launch already now …’. The man has been in power for already 7 years … 

Putin: The pace of the prices increase should be reduced (http://top.rbc.ru/society/04/12/2008/265659.shtml). 

Answering one of the questions during the live broadcast – ‘can we fix the prices for the communal services during the economic crisis?’ – he said: "It's one of longstanding issues. Indeed one of the oldest’. 
The Prime Minister stressed that it’s not only the prices issue. The wear extent of the communal utilities nears 80%. Under current conditions of not sufficient funding, the facilities network will be lost, he reasoned. 

Putin: Speculative increase of prices can’t be tolerated (http://grani.ru/Politics/Russia/Cabinet/m.172768.html). 

Putin admits “the communal services are a monopolized market under control of the bureaucracy, and not the free market actors". The government knows how to reform this field, and these steps need not to be connected to the prices increase, the PM said. The reform is not necessarily linked to the prices increase. We need to stimulate business there, we need to eradicate the corruption-linked companies monopoly on this market", Putin said. 

Putin: Communal services prices should not grow more than 25% (http://www.rg.ru/2010/03/22/tarif-anons.html). 

As explained by the Prime Minister, all communal services prices "should be balanced and should not grow more than 25 % (during the reform)". Dmitry Kozak, in turn, reported that the communal services increased nation-wide on average by 15 % as of December. According to him, judging from the preliminary figures from 22 federal regions, for nearly 10% of them, either illegally or due to the lack of experience, have increased the prices for more than 25 %. 

2011 (January): 
Putin demands to mercilessly penalize the local authorities responsible for the communal services prices increase (http://ria.ru/society/20110118/323153720.html). 

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin demands to keep the communal services prices growth below 15%, otherwise penalizing the responsible local officials ... According to him, there are reasons to believe that the managing companies are associated with the municipal officials. "In fact, instead of mending the situation, their activity strictly serves for their own profit", the PM says. 

2011 (May):
Communal services can’t be overhauled at people's expense, says Putin (http://ria.ru/economy/20110523/378714749.html?id=). 

The development of the communal services system can’t be driven at the expense of people, the pace of the prices increase should be hold down to the inflation rate, said the Russian PM Vladimir Putin at a panel session of the local authorities Council ... He noted that the prices increase is not entirely due to the energy suppliers, but are also driven by the local management companies. We should strictly control the latter, and penalize them, if nessesary. 

2011 (November):
Putin: No-one should increase the communal services prices (http://beta.news.rambler.ru/11644460/). 

The increase of the communal services prices is unjustified, - stated Putin at the local governments council. He stressed that when the prices are increased due to the energy suppliers, such increase typically does not exceed the inflation rate. 

It’s been 11 (e-l-e-v-e-n) years since the man is in power. All these years he fights with the communal services prices increase. And now it’s time to quote his presidential campaign 2012 program: 
We will fix the communal services. We will aim at the social way of forming the communal services prices. The local authorities should provide people with the communal services of high quality, and should be responsible for the proper functioning of these services … Most importantly, the communal services prices will depend on the quality and reliability of these services.’ 

I foresee that every year – i.e, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 – of his third presidential term (well, if he’ll manage to sit till the end of it) the ‘titanic’ fight with the communal services prices increase will continue and we will hear ever more strict and firm promises. 

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