January 16th, 2012

Navalny in English

Snow And Icy Roads On RosYama

It's winter now, if you haven't already realised it yet.

And winter brings snow drifts and icy roads. Almost nobody knows (I, myself, learned about it a year ago and was quite surprised) that there are special regulations which govern the time limits for snow removal and anti-icing, not only on the roads, but on sidewalks too.

So if your grandma is afraid to go shopping because she might slip and break her legs, you can help her and you don't even have to crush the ice yourself.

You can demand that these things be done by people who already get paid to do it. This is especially true of large cities, where road services receive a lot of money and they report on their successful and efficient outputs.

So, fezeev tells us that RosYama's functionality has improved. Now it can prepare statements about uncleared snow.

In future, you'll be able to complain about unhappy love and your angry mother-in-law using RosYama :)

Originally posted by navalny on January 14th, 17:11