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Puting As A Gift

I 've already written that all these Putings are a great gift for us.

Look! 200 thousand people gathered in one location. And 80 per cent of them are those very people 'off-line', who we can't reach on the internet.

Now here's no need to drop leaflets into mail boxes, stick them in doorways, or hand them out near subway stations. They've gathered 200 thousand voters together in one place and nudged them into talking politics.

We're not sure whether they're pro- or anti-Putinists, we only know that they're employees of state-financed business or state-run companies.

And now it's us who have the inside track: these people have already faced the bold lies and hypocrisy of the Chief Thief Putin & Co.
They know quite well that they've been forced to attend the rally. They know how they've been manipulated. How they've been carried in by buses.
They're saying, "At head office they've given the staff two compensatory days off, while at the branch offices have only one".

The're saying, "At Moscow Electric Power Co. they've been paid a 3000 rouble bonus for the rally, and we only get 1500. What an outrage!".

200 thousand people as well as their families (one million in all) know for sure why they've gathered together; and at the rally, they hear the speakers, "We've gathered here of our own accord, in order to support, blah blah blah", and afterwards they listen, grinning at TV reports: "Tens of thousands of excited Moscovites, united as one, have come to the rally".

All this is highly favourable for the anti-Crooks And Thieves' campaign, as it would be carried out amid their shameless foul play.

So, in case there are volunteers going to the Puting to agitate against Putin, I fully support you.

What is important:
  • Don't be rude;
  • Don't mouth off;
  • Don't argue unnecessarily;
  • If they eject you from the event, leave peacefully.

These new leaflets by RosAgit, based on posts about "Mr Promise". are ideal material for hand-outs:

Download and print out 20-30 copies on your home/office computers and hand them out  to bored public sector employees. It's guaranteed to be effective!

Another great idea for the Puting is to interview people on camera. These videos are always awesome.

Let's hope the agitation campaign at Luzhniki, Moscow on February 23 may actually turn out to be effective.

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