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Khodorkovski has left the building
Navalny in English

It would be interesting to know what he’s feeling right now. That is, I wouldn't wish what he’s gone through on anyone, but it would be very interesting to read his thoughts.

10 years of life taken away due to unjust sentencing. Many months of looking at the brazen smirking mugs of "prosecutors", "judges" and "investigators".
Getting "pardoned" a couple of months, after having been robbed of hundreds.
Carrying himself, throughout the whole ten years, with such tremendous dignity.
What’s he harbouring right now in his mind and in his soul?

Well, whatever he’s feeling, we should congratulate Mikhail on the fact that today, he'll get to embrace his family.

Originally posted by navalny on December 20th, 13:11

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Pardoned now, just a few weeks after the announcement of new cases being brought against him in the near future (and to which the pardon could not legally apply). An announcement which, with hindsight, does feel like a preemptive strike. A warning.

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