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Identified Property $eized
Navalny in English
Excellently superimposed over the news on the sanctity of Yakunin's fur coat storage.

[Court seizes Navalny's property]

What assets they seized, I do not know. I was in court where this issue was not offered a resolution; it is a cosy campaign there, where an examining magistrate from the investigatory committee and a Basmanny court judge take care of everything.

Whether we receive a judgement, we shall see.

The list of my assets could be seen by all in the recent pre-election declaration.

Better still, comments on this matter seen on twitter.

[@Kozlihe: @navalny It was decided that Navalny's assets be transferred to Serdyukov and Vasileva]

Update: It appears that Basmanny court got in a muddle and this is about the other Navalny, my brother Oleg who, as we know, is involved with the criminal group I established.

A wonderful comment from twitter already on 'getting in a muddle':

[@ivan_f_davydov: It's not the court that imposed the arrest, but the tsar who gave the gift of fur from his shoulders, not to Navalny but to Yakunin]

Originally posted by
navalny on 2013-11-12 14:53:00

Translated by Mike Downey www.intothemike.com