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Today “judge” Alexandra Lopatkina held an illustrious court hearing on our complaint regarding the recent Moscow mayoral election.
By the way, she repeated the classic phrase uttered by Mr Gryzlov [former speaker of Parliament who once said, “Parliament is not the place for discussions”. Judge Lopatkina said, “Court is not the place for discussions”].

She refused to listen to any of our witnesses.
She dismissed all our applications.
She refused to release any of the documents.

Yet, City Hall affirmed the facts stated by our lawyers:

1. The judge admitted that 2.4 million grocery gifts worth more than 1.2 billion rubles [$38 million] had been bought and distributed among voters just before voting day.
The City Hall representative called it the “self-activity of Moscow’s local authorities, which have no bearing on either the Mayor’s Office or Mr Sobyanin”.
2. The Moscow Election Commission admitted the fact that the Evening Moscow had illegally campaigned in favour of candidate Sobyanin (millions of free copies of the newspaper had been distributed at the budget’s expense).
3. The judge admitted that personal information on elderly Muscovites had been illegally used (the so-called “Good Luck Letters” signed by Mayor Sobyanin had been sent to millions of Moscow pensioners). The Mayor’s representative said, “Yes. We ordered letters addressed to elderly people, but it was the print shop who used the personal data, so the responsibility is on the printery”.

As you may have already guessed, the court dismissed our claims.

The judgement of judges will be one of the principal things we’ll definitely be doing in the future.

We have another 951 complaints.

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