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To Voters Of Sobyanin And Kadyrov

I have been following the development of events to do with voting for a mosque to be the ‘Heart of Russia’ with great interest; this has astonishingly become the reason for the deliberately forced transfer of mobile subscriptions in the Chechen republic to Vainah Telecom.

The timeline is roughly as follows:

1. Another fool’s contest was announced for the ‘symbol of Russia’. Votes are made by paid SMS messages, simply another way for a few scam artists to make a little money.

2. As this time it is ‘society in Russian territory’ working with the scam artists, predetermined by Putin, all regional despots began to do their utmost (while oligarchs had already done so) in order to win this contest.

3. Of course, our ‘richest’ governor is Kadyrov, the leader of subsidised Chechnya. He boldly uses 55 million roubles stolen from taxpayers for these SMS messages and sends a few million of them.
The Chechen mosque takes the lead in the voting.

4. But then there were others wanting to gain glory and an upsurge in votes ensued, technology is not very difficult. For this reason Andrei Vorobyov, another United Russia governor, uses even more stolen taxpayers’ money so that Kolomna Kremlin would win the vote. This seems like a good idea to Vorobyov, he has choices.

5. Kadyrov understands that he has been duped and that he is by no means the only person who can waste other people’s money.
He takes serious offence. Not from Vorobyov’s partisans, but from mobile operators.

6. Assaults begin on Beeline and MegaFon offices in Chechnya.

Blatant hooliganism, yes?

Where then are the wonderful paddy wagons and buses with OMON [Russian SWAT] which we in Moscow are so accustomed to?

7. In Grozny the mobile operators’ connection cables were cut off.

8. Beeline and MegaFon announced the closure of their offices in Chechnya.

9. Kadyrov stated that all of Chechnya would be transferring to a new operator: Vainah Telecom.

It is in this way that the story ends, which somehow hints that in Chechnya there is very weak adherence to even the most minimal of laws which work in the rest of Russia.

In the Foundation for Fighting Corruption we decided to delve inwards and quickly discovered some remarkable facts.

Did you, like we did, immediately think ‘interesting, who owns Vainah Telecom?’
Answer: On 22nd November 2003 Ramzan Said-Emiyevich Cherhigov and Adam Yaragievich Basayev launch Vainah Telecom Ltd.

On 10th November 2005, the same duo launch Yugstroyinvest Ltd, a construction company.

Who is Ramzan Said-Emiyevich Cherhigov?
This man:

He works (shockingly) as the minister of transport and communications in Chechnya. Here is his official profile:

Conflict of interests and corruption? But of course not. It is so usual and good for a communications company to which all mobile subscribers are forcibly transferred to belong to the minister of communications.

[Below: The Chechen ministry of transport and communications observes a sacrifice marking what would be 62nd birthday of late former Chechen leader and father of Ramzan Kadyrov, Akhmad-hadji Kadyrov]


Cherhigov’s notable work history:

12.10.1988-10.06.1996 Technical inventory expert for the Grozny technical inventory office
30.12.2003-08.09.2004 First deputy for the head of the Gudermes regional administration
01.09.2004-06.04.2006 Deputy general director of Chechenregiongaz Ltd.
07.07.2006-31.08.2007 First deputy for the minister of transport and communications of the Chechen Republic
31.08.2007-present Minister of transport and communications of the Chechen Republic

First and foremost, this (and all other available biographies of Cherhigov) do not account for 7 years, from 1996 to 2003. Secondly, he founded Vainah Telecom Ltd. In the month before his appointment as first deputy for the head of the Gudermes regional administration.

Please tell me where the parts are that explain how Cherhigov, an entrepreneur and civil servant, was able to create a mobile phone network? With what money?

Needless to say, after his appointment as minister of transport and communications for Chechnya in 2007, Cherhigov’s business was driven out to the mountains.

In 2009 his company Yugstroyinvest Ltd along with Chechavtotrans which was subject to his ministry (don’t miss out on their truly wonderful latest piece of news on their site) launched Chechen transport company LLP.

Chechavtotrans and Yugstroyinvest, both listed on their launch on 11.08.2009, each with a share price of 10,000 RB.
But in 2012, Cherhigov acquired 100% of the company’s shares.

It goes without saying that Ramzan Cherhigov does not miss an opportunity to take part in government tenders. Unfortunately there is only hollow data from 2011 onwards.

• In 2011, Vainah Telecom won 31 tenders for 87 million RB (including 5 tenders for 57 million from the Chechen ministry of transport and communications.
• In 2012 it won tenders for 156.5 million RB (including 5 tenders for 70 million from the Chechen ministry of transport and communications.
• In 2013, Vainah Telecom has already managed to win 40 tenders for 31.5 million RB.

In the last 3 years Vainah Telecom has been involved in 124 tenders, of which it has won 107, for the sum of 275 million RB [8,000 000 USD]. And what’s more, it has won every tender that it has participated in with the Chechen ministry of transport and communications. Funny that the minister of transport is winning ministry of transport tenders.

Cherhigov’s second company, Yugstroyinvest Ltd, is also fond of government orders. In 2012 it won 14 tenders (notably for the construction of schools and nurseries for 700 million RB [21,000 000 USD].

Chechen Transport Company LLP, Cherhigov’s firm which was built together with the State Unitary Enterprise overseen by Cherhigov’s ministry and which was later transferred to his relative, won tenders worth 108.5 million RB [ (2011, 2012, 2013) from the Chechen ministry for work. Perhaps Chechen Transport Company is a very effective company and just won every tender that it participated in.

Government orders:

Perhaps it is here that the question strikes you of how much Ramzan Said-Emiyevich officially earns?
This is easily verified, he is a government bureaucrat. Let’s take a look at the ministry of transport and communications website. We seek and do not find.

But how does Sobyanin come into the fold? For your interest:

1. All these Cherhigovs and Kadyrovs became multimillionaires (in dollars even) in impoverished republics by stealing YOUR money. Clearly there is no business going on, simply budget funding which you have sent them.
2. United Russia is not giving it out to us in instalments. If you vote for Sobyanin, you have to love Kadyrov.

[Below: Ramzan Kadyrov supported Sobyanin’s candidacy]:

A vote for Sobyanin is a vote for the money of Muscovites and other residents of Russia being neatly packaged into transfers to Ramzan Cherhigov and Ramzan Kadyrov, who smile and say ‘many thanks’ to Muscovites who sit at home and support such a system of power.

Now the time has come when everyone can vote against the fact that their money is dubbed ‘Allah money’ for whatever reason and is being taken from the pockets of Sobyanin’s partisans in Chechnya.

Don’t sit at home. Take a newspaper and give it out to as many citizens as possible.
Speak out against Sobyanin and his band of United Russia to as many people as possible.

The elections are a unique opportunity to show them just how much we don’t like this.

Translated by Mike Downey

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