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I'm always being asked, "What social networks do you use?", and, "Which accounts are valid?"


1) I have regained control of my Facebook account:, so feel free to "like" me.

2) (Vkontakte). I was so stupid to ignore this network. This was one of the most significant mistakes of our campaign: "Vote for any party except the Party of Crooks and Thieves". Fortunately, some kind people (special thanks to edvvvard) created a page on my behalf.

My personal page:
The RosPil project:

3) Twitter:!/navalny. Some people complain that I create retweeting hell.
Get on twitter everybody! It's great!

4) Google+ : (it's a nice platform too)

5) My account on Democratia2. I recommend that everybody register: finally we have a system of verified internet voting, without cheating, bots, etc.

6) There are a lot of social networks groups which were used to protest against the Party of Crooks and Thieves. We are going to pay more attention to these during the Presidential Elections. The list of regional groups will be published soon.

7) Some nice people are translating this journal into English. Twitter is also being translated.

8) I'd like to remind you that registration is going on for those who are willing to participate in the February 4 rally. Please, register if you are actually planning on coming.

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