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Pekhtin, We’re Watching You
Navalny in English
Our old chap Pekhtin thinks we're all fools and hopes our Foundation for Fighting Corruption’s all-seing eye has ceased tracking his questionable affairs.

You will remember him say he was going to the States “to sort out the matter and find out what legal errors have occurred”.

And this is what he said in his interview on March 13.

I contacted a legal firm and asked them to explain to me what sort of five year-old documents without my signatures had been published by Navalny. His company interpreted the documents as my ownership of a villa. I don’t know what they’re talking about, probably about the country house my son has been building. It was my land lot warranty. And as the attorneys explained to me, your warranty doesn’t make you an owner.

While making statements like that Mr Pekhtin discredits his fellow millionaires. They are expected to be more wily.
Scanned documentsCollapse )
The very next day after the interview (March 14, 2013) Mr Pekhtin made out a grant in his son’s name regarding his share of their three properties in Florida.
Thus he confirmed he had been a record holder of these premises [...].

It’s a most unique occasion when United Russia party can say it has fulfilled the demands of a citizen.

[Text printed on the letterhead paper of the State Duma (Parliament of Russia) reads,

March 07, 2013
To Alexey Navalny
NPO Foundation for Fighting Corruption

Dear Alexey Anatolievich,

Having considered your letter of February 13, 2013, regarding the expulsion of deputy, Vladimir Pekhtin, from the United Russia faction of the State Duma, let me inform you that [...] Mr Pekhtin has submitted his notice of resignation to the State Duma Chairman... In accordance with Federal Law concerning the submission of resignation notices when a deputy is relieved of his/her duties before time.

Faction leader, V. A. Vasilyev.]

Originally posted by navalny on Mar. 22nd, 2013 at 7:02 PM

Saint Pekhtin and the Benefit of “Likes”
Navalny in English
1. An astonishing spectacle is unfolding right before our very eyes: "United Russia" has started downright canonizing Mr. "Miami" Pekthin.
Oh, what a guy. Honest, kind. And now yet another courageous act in his refusal to succumb to the pressure of scoundrels.

Here is how Pekhtin announced his resignation:

[Video, Title: Pekthin Resigns]

"I have nothing to reproach myself about in front of my constituents"
"We will not allow unscrupulous political opponents to smear the HONEST NAME OF "UNITED RUSSIA" (WHAT?!)
and finally,
"We will fight on!"

After the "United Russia" Duma faction gave him a standing ovation, the State Duma chairman Naryshkin thanked him for his honest and responsible action.

And what commentary!
My favorite has been the patriotic comments from Zheleznyak:
"This decision very well shows the responsible, accomplished, courageous, and brave man that Pekhtin was"
"Pekhtin showed the opposition an example of willpower."

"United Russia's" official website is simply amazing. Read it and your jaw will drop.

Pekhtin never hid behind his friends

Vladimir Pekhtin never gave anyone a reason to doubt his honesty, integrity, and reliability. Such an opinion was expressed on Wednesday, February 20, by United Russia State Duma Deputy Head Vyacheslav Timchenko, when commenting for ER.RU on deputy Pekhtin's decision to voluntarily resign

"I am convinced that Vladimir Pekhtin will defend his good name. Indeed, politics, as the they say, is not a stroll along Nevsky Prospekt [the main street in St. Petersburg, Russia]. Real political battles rage. They hit the most loyal, the most reliable of our comrades. But the party has learned to take a punch. With such people in our ranks as Vladimir Pekhtin, we simply cannot lose, "- concluded the MP.

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3. Important.
Along with jokes about Pekhtin and pekhting it is important to remember that for crooks and thieves, the negative consequences (so far) of living in Miami are only the loss of a parliamentary mandate.
But it is different for us. Today, another man was arrested on trumped-up charges related to the "Bolotnaya case."

Alexander Margolin. I know him a little: we were in adjacent cells when serving time for the December arrest.
A regular, normal guy. No kind of political activist. He went to a rally to protest against electoral fraud and corruption.
Now he is sitting in a cell, because every Pekhtin/Zheleznyak/ Putin clearly understands the connection between the stolen percent of the vote in the elections and the stolen billions from the oil pipe.

Originally posted bynavalny on Feb. 20th, 2013 at 4:27 PM

Translated by Contentious Politics Russia Blog

Practically MP
Navalny in English
End of story; we won’t see this glorious representative of the Party of Crooks and Thieves on the State Duma website any more.

[Title: Pekhtin Vladimir Alekseevich]

Vladimir Pekhtin has just announced he has vacated his seat as a Parliament deputy.

VIDEO. Title: Vladimir Pekhtin in Miami.

Now he may finally settle down in Miami and live a quiet life free of any criticism.
We’re a bit sorry to have our $189 wasted on the acquisition, transfer, and forwarding of original documentation of his estate. They’ll arrive in Moscow tomorrow but will be of no use (or maybe they'll still be useful).

By the way, this story is an example of why information about monkey business should not only be published, but also formalised in the form of appeals, statements, etc.

To be fair it should be noted that this gesture of Pekhtin shows that deep within him he still retains a sense of conscience.

Perhaps the rest of the United Russians sensed this as they once appointed him Head of the Commission on Ethics.

We’ll compare his case with the way the others who conceal their real estate abroad behave.

Originally posted bynavalny on Feb. 20th, 2013 at 10:51 AM

I Received A Personal Meteorite
Navalny in English
Watch this funny story on "Central TV" about Pekhtin:

[Video: Title: Pekhtin on a Central TV program]

There is even a short interview with him.

Also, there is an extremely amusing Russian-speaking Florida realtor, who says: I know that Mr. Pekhtin lives in Miami; this is public information.

Coverage on Ren-TV's "The Week":
[Video: Title: Coverage of Pekhtingate]

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 18th, 2013 at 6:01 PM

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A Greeting Card To Old Chaps Russians
Navalny in English
Oh, why? Why I was too lazy to find this great video before publishing my posts about Pekhtin's Miami real estate?

We should have posted the video, and then the scanned documents. Without any commentary. It would have been a supermegapost.

Well, okay. Let's post them now as a valentine to all Russian citizens from "United Russia":

[Video- Title: Vladimir Pekhtin On His Love of Russia; in the video Pekhtin says: “I love Russia because you cannot not love Russia. I am a Russian, and like any Russian, I love my motherland. She is a great country, with a great future and a long, great past. A country that has helped, and is helping, many. I hope that Russia continues to flourish further. I hope that Russia is always, everywhere, and in everything, number 1.”]

Great, huh? It's almost as if he had not twirled his mustache and winked, having clicked his heels.

HAHAHA. Some guys found this video before I did. It turned out to be fun, although not always censored:

Version 1

[Video- Title: Vladimir Pekhtin in Miami, Pekhtin says: “I love Russia because you cannot not love Russia. I am a Russian, and like any Russian, I love my motherland… I hope that Russia continues to flourish further. I hope that Russia is always, everywhere, and in everything, number 1.”]

Version 2:

[Video- Title: A Deputy's Confession of His Love for the US; in video Pekthin says: “I love Miami because you cannot not love Miami. I am a Russian deputy, and like any Russian deputy, I have property in the US. The US is a great country, with a great future and a long, great past. A country that has helped, and is helping, many. I hope that my family continues to flourish further. I want you to leave me alone. Go to hell, all of you!"

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 14th, 2013 at 12:02 PM

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Pekhtin Steps Down
Navalny in English
[Video: Title - Deputy Vladimir Pekhtin Denies Allegations That He Owns Property in The US]

Deputy Vladimir Pekhtin asked to be allowed to step aside and temporarily relinquish his authority as head of the Duma committee on ethics. He said that he would remain sidelined until an investigation, based on media reports, into his income and assets had been completed.
Pekhtin expressed his willingness to provide the investigation with all necessary materials. The deputy denies the allegations that he owns property in the US. He clarified that any property is owned by his son Alexei, who went to live and study in the US in the late 90's.
Pekhtin also said that once the investigation has been completed, he is not ruling out the possibility of taking to court those who have spread false information about him and tarnished his reputation.
The information on Pekhtin's foreign property holdings was published on the blog of Alexey Navalny.

To see the original material click here:

Something is amiss at Channel One. I expected more from them, something like:

"Vladimir Pekhtin has been forced to temporarily step aside due to attacks from Navalny, a blogger accused of multi-million dollar fraud, who is well known for previously spreading unverified information.
Vladimir Pekhtin is sure that he will be able to prove his innocence in court, and his lawyers have already filed a grievance with Basmanny court in the capital.
“I am practically completely innocent, but it would be worthwhile to check this Navalny for connections with foreigners,” Mr. Pekhtin told our correspondent by phone from Miami."

We are impatiently waiting for the State Duma to consider the facts regarding Pekhtin's property holdings in the US.
We very much hope that there will be a fair investigation, and not "Pekhtin is not found guilty because all the evidence is on suspicious foreign websites, where everything is written with incomprehensible letters."

Also, so as not to have to post twice, here is this:

"Alexander Bastrykin is the new face of "Yves Rocher."
Yulia Latynina, regarding one of my cases: this is about the "Navalny brothers crime syndicate."

Originally posted by navalny on Feb. 13th, 2013 at 8:11 PM

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