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Crazy Speeches From Candidates From The Planet Nabiru, For Example
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Today I was invited to speak at the Presidium of the Association of Moscow Municipal Deputies (AMOM). It’s an organisation that unites pro-government minded deputies, in contrast to the Forum of Municipal Deputies represented by the independents.

Be they pro-government deputies or not, they all are deputies, and since they had promised all the mayoral contenders the opportunity to spell out their programmes (sort of, “equal rights for all the candidates”) I decided to take this opportunity. We must do our utmost to get past the “municipal filter”and take part in the mayoral election.

So, when we arrived at AMOM together with my election campaign chief, Leonid Volkov, we had the good fortune to witness a brilliant innovation in political strategy by the election staffers of United Russia candidate, S. S. Sobyanin.
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I’d like to tell Mr Sobyanin and his staff who organised that dirty game that you demean not just yourselves and AMOM deputies, but you also demean the Moscow residents who want a normal election and normal debates regarding the candidates’ programmes.

Moscow has 10 million residents, a 1.6 trillion ruble budget, and a million problems, but for some reason nobody has been solving these problems. The authorities hire clowns, spiders and Nabiru lizards instead, to turn the election into a circus which nobody will particpate, and therefore let the scam artist Sobyanin and his United Russia win in the first round.

We won’t let them get away with that.
I reiterate to the Moscow Municipal Deputies’ Association that I’m ready to speak about my programme and answer questions at the presidium.
I’ll be ready as soon as they stop trying to put a prophet of The Apocalypse as a Trial for the Human Race together with me at the table.

We’re doing our best to get past the municipal filter inspite of countermeasures. I make 50-60 daily calls to deputies in addition to what my campaign staff are doing.

I’m fully supportive of the idea expressed by Shukino municipal deputy, Maxim Katz, who has organised an “Antifilter” project in order to stop the cheating with deputies’ signatures.
He needs volunteers to ring around. You’re welcome to help.

In case you missed my post yesterday about my campaign HQ, then read it. Soon we’re going to organise the volunteer staff.

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Navalny in English

Hello everybody!

Alexey was arrested after today's meeting at Clean Ponds (a place in Moscow).

He was detained with some other guys and they are still being held at "North Izmailovo" police department. The address is: 5th Parkovaya Street, 60a, ph:  +7(495)9855519


Julia Navalnaya [Alexey's wife]


UPDATE: Alexey was transferred to the Kitay-Gorod police sation. He and the other detainees will remain in custody until the morning.

Posted by navalny on December 6th, 1:12.
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