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Senior United Russia Deputy Yarovaya Lives In A 3 Million Dollar Apartment (Wow, What A Surprise!)
Navalny in English
Ha-ha-ha. What a wonderful story from the New Times.

[Document: Letter revealing information about Irina Yarovaya and her apartment that was sent to the editor of the New Times from “a fan of Alexei Navalny and Doctor Z”]

[Document: A Message showing I.A. Yarovaya as the Proprietor of the Apartment]

In 2008, a law requiring that elected representative of the people declare their assets, as well as those of their spouses and underage children, was signed by then President Dmitri Medvedev. By this time, Irina Yarovaya's daughter was already an adult, so there was no need to include her assets in the declaration. On January 1, 2013, the law "Regarding control of the expenditures of persons holding public office and their dependents," came into force, requiring representatives to declare the expenditures of their spouses and underage children in the event that this exceeded the total family income for the three years. But the apartment in "Tverskaya Plaza" was bought almost eight years ago, which easily places it outside the scope of this law.

In the newsletters for proprietors of "Tverskaya Plaza" from 2006-7 the surname of this deputy was invariably present.
Another question: how did the family of this Kamchatka deputy in 2006 have enough money to buy an apartment worth 36 million rubles [$1 170 735]? Perhaps, her husband, businessman Victor Alekseenko, was the source of the money. In 2002, he was nominated to the Council of People's Deputies of the Kamchatka region, and in the official information about the candidates, which can still be viewed online, he was referred to as General Director of Kamakfes Co. According to the information from the SPARK-Interfax system, this company was liquidated in 2004, but a person with an identical name is still a co-owner of several more enterprises in the Kamchatka region: Tumgutum Fisheries, Privoz, Rybak and, finally, Kamakfes-Fruits companies. None of this information about her spouse's assets has appeared in any of Irina Yarovaya's declarations. Her husband’s declared income was much more modest: in 2011, he earned only 419,452 rubles [$13.640]. For Yarovaya herself, just a normal parliamentary salary of 2,450,000 rubles [$80 000] for the year was declared.

"Unfortunately, we do not have hard and fast rules for the filling out of parliamentary declarations," said Ivan Ninenko, the deputy director of the anti-corruption research and initiatives group "Transparency International: Russia". "On the one hand, Irina Yarovaya could have declared this apartment in the assets section of the form that is in use. On the other hand, this moment can be avoided. The question of publication of information about spouses in declarations is also absolutely necessary for senior officials because their personal life is within the public space." According to Ninenko, stories similar to that of Irina Yarovaya would be cause for an investigation in the West, "or at least, the subject of an ethical dispute. In the West, such senior officials usually declare the property of even their adult children. It is obvious that we have to raise the requirements of openness demanded from our top officials."

But the fact remains that a State Duma deputy from the faction "United Russia", the head of the Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption, Irina Yarovaya, lives in her daughter's apartment, which as of today is valued at $2,898,000 (88.6 million rubles) according to the consulting firm Welhome.
Read the story in full here:

How delightful.
This Yarovaya is an amazing woman in general. I remember her well at "Yabloko" Party when she was chosen as Yavlinsky's  assistant and she absolutely squealed from the podium at the convention about what a disgusting bastard and thief Putin was. And how "United Russia" was simply a spawn of evil.
With great pleasure she received money from Mikhail Khodorkovsky and led the Kamchatka branch of "Open Russia".

And then, a classic:
In 2007, she left "Yabloko" and joined the party "United Russia". According to the Executive Secretary of the Political Committee of the Party "Yabloko", G. Mikhaleva, her departure had to do with a desire to move from Kamchatka to Moscow and get a seat in the State Duma, a desire that Yavlinsky could not guarantee her fulfillment of. Regarding Yarovaya's move to United Russia, "Yabloko" chairman Sergei Mitrokhin also explained that: "she asked to be transferred to Moscow, and to be given an apartment and a car. We did not, of course, have the funds for this. But "United Russia" did. "

Here is the apartment that they found for her. "Tverskaya Plaza."
Not bad.

Yarovaya herself commented that:

We, it seems, "have tried in vain."

"I am able to only sincerely sympathize with my detractors who deliberately tried to dishonestly discredit me. They have tried in vain. All this is nothing more than dirty insinuation," Yarovaya said, adding that she intends to stand strong in her firm and principled position.

One of the most corrupt and unscrupulous State Duma deputies has said that she will continue to hold her principled position.
What an exemplary United Russia member.

Translated by Contentious Politics Russia Blog

Originally posted by navalny on Mar. 11th, 2013 at 8:18 AM


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