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You are doing wonderful things for Russia Aleksey. Even though I am a foreigner and do not fit under the "Russia for Russians" classification, it is wonderful to see someone making a stand. I will continue to follow you with great attention and with equally great admiration!

Re: keep up the good work!

Thank you for your words.
One of our goals is to force the iternational medias stop lying about what is happening here. Navalny has never say "Russia for Russians".
Moreover, people who has never faced nationality problems of Russia, they usually do not correctly understand the meaning of "Russia for Russians". The meaning of this statement is not "Russia for Russians only", but "Russia for Russians too".

Re: keep up the good work!

I apologize. Thank you for explaining it to me. I do my best to understand things that are new to me and through the dialogue here, perhaps I will reach a better understanding of things that are presently unknown to me.

Re: keep up the good work!

Though he made provocative statements many times regarding Caucasus part of Russia. On the surface, they look simple and somewhat fair ("stop giving (excessive) money to Caucasus!"). But he never explains the real reasons why our government HAVE TO do it, and he does not explain the unpleasant consequences in case we stop this "feeding".

Also, several years ago he was expelled from a liberal party "Yabloko" b/c of nationalistic position

"comcomizing" the "occupy" movements by making common companies of which "peer owners" (i.e. its equ

all soppurt from #alex11 with full respect by @namzezam one good idea from http://alex11.wikidot.com/comcomize-the-occupy-movements ..... A 1st project can simply be ComComizing our propaganda, i.e. financing and activating our (more passive) supporters as being peer owners (as equal shareholders) in the designing, the prints and spread, the streams&beams and maintenance (while developing) our servers projects etc. 17 minutes ago

.. may be hard for a native English speaker to understand and it is incorrect in more than few places. Consider asking a native English speaker to do the translations for you.


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