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Being Paranoid Doesn't Mean You're Not Being Watched.
Navalny in English
On return from his vacation, one of the Anti-Corruption Fund team-members (passerby) brought “a bug detector”.
Just for a giggle we started checking my office.

Now there are 12 policemen here.
They’ve already found not only an active sound-monitoring device but also a hidden videocam, as well.

A power source, a transmitter, and all that.

Here, I filmed it ten minutes ago.

Originally posted by navalny on Aug. 6th, 2012 at 7:03 PM

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Foreign agent Bastrykin will not forgive this humiliation!

God damn! Of course we're watching you. What did you expect?

Another Watergate scandal.

The client asked for an English blog as well? Ok.

(Deleted comment)
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