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A Walk For A Loaf Of Bread
Navalny in English
Residents of Ekaterinburg have decided to fully comply with the law on rallies and marches recently adopted by the United Russia party. The new law says your trip to the movie may actually qualify as a march, therefore you ought to get it approved.

A law is a law.

More here or on the Action Man’s blog.

Well how's this for an idea? Since we need to maintain public order in Moscow, too.
Why don't we make a few hundred similar formal applications for marches when we buy cigarettes or ice-cream, as well as to officially sanction our "meetings"* while we queue at the bank?

Originally posted by navalny on Jun. 25th, 2012 at 3:38 AM

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This is quite an impressive idea!

Something like this is widespread in the USA. Natural Resources Defense Council is a well-known organisation with over hundreds of thousands members in it. They usually send hundreds of thousands letters to the administration of BObama, give a buzz to his Office and send letters with millions of signatures to Senators and the governments of the other countries calling them to approve laws aimed at protecting wildlife from industrial development and climate change pollution, and protecting the health of future generations. And the legislative bodies can not simply ignore the voice of the people.The president of this organisation Frances Beinecke gives the telephone numbers of the BO administration and thousands of people call there all day long thus making its normal work absolutely impossible.
So I think that if we all together simultaneously use this method of working against stupid laws adopted by the majority votes in Duma belonging to the members of the United Russia Party in favour of their own purposes this work can be a success.

So in compliance with the newly baked law alumni party may be qualified as a rally which needs to be previously approved by the police office and the city's administration. Oh, no!

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