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Alexey Navalny After House-Search On June 12
Navalny in English
Video: "Navalny After Home-Search On June 12"

The transcript of the video, translated into English:

(Shouts: "Lyoha!" [pet-name for "Alexey"])

- Thank you very much! Thank you, guys! Thanks a lot! Sorry once again that I've denied you the opportunity to watch football, and made you wait for many hours.
The 13-hour house-search is over. Probably, it's some crime of the century, because we know there are 160 investigators in this investigative group alone. It's somewhat strange. There hasn't been a worse crime in Moscow than the one they're currently investigating.

The house-search lasted for 13 hours. They've seized all my cellphones, both the modern and some ancient ones that they were able to find. All my computers, all notebooks, everything... Only my home telephone is left with me, so in a sense, I kinda found myself in the 20th century, in this way.

Question: Lyosh [pet-name for "Alexey"], what mood are you in?

- I'm in high spirits, I may [say]. What I'm very glad about - is that the whole investigative group en bloc has said they would join my party as soon as I form one (cheerful shouts, applause). During all those 13 hours I was telling them about the Gazprom Co., about the Gunvor Co., about Shuvalov, and so on, and it was absolutely magnificent.

Question: Alexey, and where will you be tomorrow?

- Tomorrow - I've been given a subpoena for questioning at 11 o'clock tomorrow. As I understand it, everyone has been given one (the voice: "Everyone’s been given one").This maneuver is such an obvious ploy - to make us miss the rally. But I'll do my best, naturally, to appear tomorrow. There'll be plenty of time, and I'll do my best to come to the rally and, naturally, I'm calling all the rest of you to take part in the rally by all means; and I think it's so trite to call it lawlessness. It's just nonsense what's happening, and it's written all over the cops' faces: that it's kinda ridiculous, and they realize that it's just nonsense. And all that has happened - I'm sure, will result in people coming. I'd like to say to Moscovites: "Please come to the rally tomorrow, otherwise similar searchers will come to your homes one day".

Question: Why have they taken so long - 12 hours?

- I don't know. No, really, they were awfully disappointed. They came in and said: "Wow, we thought you would have a 300-metre flat and golden bowls everywhere (laughter and the voice: "Like in Putin's palace.").
They found some SIM-cards in the storerooms, they were documenting them for a very long time; old cellies, children's computers, children's cameras, all the video recordings, all the video cassettes, all the video discs with god-knows-what recordings - all that, everything has been confiscated, that's why they've taken so long.

The aim is obvious: first, to intimidate us; second, to stop our rally; third, just to get any info, to delve through it in search for any incriminating evidence for further use. I don't mind, let them have a look. I've told them: "On all the flash-cards you've seized, please read the applications I've written - you're even more likely to come over to our side".

Question: And what about the office [the Anti-Corruption Fund]?

- I don't know, 'cos I've had no phones here. As far as I know, they're searching the office right now . Zhora [Georgy Alburov, Alexey's friend and colleague], where's Zhora?

(Video by Georgy Alburov)


Search At Navalny’s: On-The-Spot Photo Report

Alexey Navalny during his house-search on June 12. It’s the ninth hour of the search.

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Желаю вам успеха, Алексей!

We are really worried about you

and our indignation towards the gangsters in power is limitless. The so called power violates our rights and freedom every day and in every step, starting from rushing into our houses and our private life under the pretext of the fighting with terrorists. Is it possible in a normal civilised country?

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